The Best Places to Visit in Barcelona

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Barcelona is quite understandably one of the most popular cities in Europe to visit and there are quite simply hundreds of reasons why.

Chief among Barcelona’s unique attractions is its quite stunning architecture, something unique to the city and unrivalled anywhere else in the country of Spain. The native Barcelonans are naturally proud as can be of the buildings designed by famous local artist Antoni Gaudi and his buildings are among the main draws which attract millions of tourists to Barcelona every year. Barcelona hotels are packed full of people throughout the warm months of the year between April and September when Barcelona’s climate is one of the most pleasant in all of Europe.

The following is the best travel advice to Barcelona on some of the important places that you should not miss:

  1. La Sagrada Familia – in English ‘The Sacred Family’, this is Barcelona’s stunning and imposing Gothic cathedral designed by Gaudi and still being built. The building has a look of something from a children’s fairy tale or possibly nightmare, with its drooping ceilings and archways. Gaudi was said to have spent more than 40 years of his life on La Sagrada Familia and he is in fact buried inside that Cathedral. Other famous artists such as Picasso who favored clear straight lines in their design were not overly enamoured with Gaudi’s religious icon – Picasso said that the building, along with its designer, should be sent to hell.
  2. Las Ramblas – Barcelona’s famous and infamous walking streets which are located smack in the centre of the city are an absolute must-see when visiting Catalunya. Many Barcelona resorts and places to stay are located off or near Las Ramblas, essentially one long avenue which connects the city’s port and Columbus Monument to the central Placa de Catalunya. Las Ramblas is the place to see how native Barcelonans spend their time, walking, taking coffee and lunch at many of the numerous cafes and in the evening spending a long time sitting eating tapas and drinking wine until the wee small hours of the morning. An essential slice of the city’s life which must be experienced.
  3. The Montjuic Magic Fountain – Some tourists tend to think that when you have seen one fountain you have seen them all, but this could not be more wrong when it comes to Barcelona’s famous waterworks. The Magic Fountain of Montjuic was created and built for the 1929 World’s Fair in Barcelona and is an enticing mix of water displays, light shows and music. Best seen and experienced at night to get the full impact of the light shows, this is a fun evening out for adults and kids of all ages.
  4. The Picasso Museum – In a city so famed for its art and design attractions it would be a shame to visit and not see the monument to arguably Barcelona’s most famous son – Pablo Picasso. Picasso was in fact born in Spain’s Malaga but his family relocated to Catalunya when he was small. Pablo Picasso held his first ever art shows and work exhibitions in Barcelona and the Museum is the perfect place to see some of his early work and original sketches, all while getting a feel for the city which inspired him to go on to be one of the world’s most famous ever artists.

Barcelona is a wonderfully colourful city with so much for you to see and do. It is so rich with history and culture making it a great place to visit. Planning a trip to Barcelona should be a fun and exciting experience. I hope our tips have helped you decide on some ideas to get the most out of your trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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