Blissful Scotland

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Despite its small size, Scotland has many riches hidden in its land. Lovely skies, outstanding landscapes, superb wildlife, unique cuisine and spectacular history, you will find it all in Scotland. Known best for its unique food and Scotch, Scotland has distinct recipes. Let’s go on a Scottish Food and alcohol discovery.


Haggis is the national dish of Scotland, which is something special. Qualified as one of the most comforting food by the Scottish, Haggis is warm, moist, meaty and spicy. This savoury dish consists of meat with oatmeal, salt, spices and onions. Traditionally served with sides like mashed potatoes and neeps, haggis is cooked in the stomach of sheep. The texture of this culinary masterpiece is crumbly, and the haggis melting in the mouth is delicious.

Taiblet (Tablet)

Taiblet, as pronounced by the Scottish, is a sugary confectionary. Made from butter, condensed milk and sugar, Taiblet is a crystallised soft-ball. It sometimes is flavoured with whisky and vanilla, and has nuts pieces in.

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Cullen Skink

Cullen Skink is a compact Scottish soup consisting of onions, potatoes and smoked haddock. This soup is a local speciality which should be made with finnan haddie, but is mostly made of any kind of undyed smoked haddock. The soup can be also prepared with milk or single cream instead of water. Described as Scotland’s signature dish, the Cullen Skink is served as a starter with bread at Scottish dinners.


Cranachan is the mixture of whisky, honey, whipped cream and raspberries, with oatmeal. It is a traditional Scottish dessert. This dessert is served in a different way: all ingredients are brought to the table and each person assemble the dessert as per their taste. These are served in tall dessert glasses.

Potato Scones

Potato scones or tattie scones are quite popular in Scotland. While there are different ways to make this delicacy, the general ingredients are butter, potatoes and salt. These potato scones are 6-inches circles, which are cut in quarters. These are unleavened, thus are thin and are served as Scottish breakfasts or can be eaten with a hot cup of tea. A traditional potato scone is made with mashed and flour as a dough, and rolled out to cook on a griddle.  This recipe consists of more potatoes than flour.

Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky is the main manufactured good of Scotland. Made from malt whisky, malted barley or grain whisky, there are five categories of this alcoholic beverage. These are: Single Malt, blended malt, single grain, blended and blended grain. The most famous Scotch whisky in Scotland are the Johnnie Walker ones.

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