Bus travel Made Easy with Stagecoach App

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Travelling by bus in the UK is going to be a lot easier in the future. No more searching for the right money, having to buy your ticket, and waiting around at the bus stop in all kinds of weather because you don’t know the arrival and departure times of the buses.

The new Stagecoach Bus App has brought technological innovation into UK public transport for 2017! Here are a few reasons.


Everything is in the one place


Planning your journey, having access to live bus information in real time and the ability to be able to purchase tickets online with your mobile are all features of the new app. An added bit of tech wizardry is that the app will tell you if your bus is held up in traffic, and that means you don’t have to be hanging about at the bus stop any longer than you need.


The paperless ticket purchase system certainly makes life easier. Just use your card and buy a ticket, which I an immediate transaction, and which you can show the driver as you board the bus. As it is stored on your phone it’s almost impossible to lose or misplace, unless, of course, you lose your phone. Also, there will be less used bus tickets being blown about by the wind on UK streets. There is no more digging into your pockets looking for the right change either


Local travel made even simpler


By using your phone’s GPS system, the app can help you find the right bus to catch, where the bus stops are and the route you should take to get to your destination. That’s a lot of useful features.


The app also has a journey planner feature that can help you if you get lost and can’t find the bus stop. Also, if you have a favourite route, or one that you take daily like travel to work, it can be saved on the app. That will make ticket purchases a lot easier as well.


The app is free and you can download it for Apple and Android smartphones. The Stagecoach App is not so much a smart piece of technology, it’s a must to have. Apple and android compliant.


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