A Desk Job Isn’t For You? Here Are 3 Careers To Look Into If You Love Travel

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Sometimes the grind of your standard office job isn’t for everyone.  You are restricted to a desk all day, behind a computer, and daydreaming about being anywhere but chained to your office.  Luckily, there is a vast array of careers that don’t require you to sit in a cubicle all day and actually give you the freedom to travel. If you are looking to change career paths, or just looking for more flexibility in your office setting, here are 3 careers to look into if you love to travel.


Flight Attendant


If the idea of jetting off to different destinations and attending to plane passengers sounds appealing, then starting a career as a flight attendant may be something for you to look into. If you seriously decide to become a flight attendant, do a little research with various airlines you may be interested in working for.  Airlines usually offer great retirement and health care coverage and provide a lot of flexibility.  


Depending on your seniority, airlines also allow a lot more flexibility with their flight attendants on the locations they prefer to fly to as well as the hours they work a month.  The idea of spending the evening in Vegas one day, then settling in for a nice dinner in Cabo the next is ideal for anyone looking for a career that allows them to travel.


Travel Blogger


If you enjoy writing about your life, seeking a career as a travel blogger may be perfect for you.  Blogs initially are not very lucrative, but the more you post and the more readers you get, money will follow.  Just imagine visiting different destinations then documenting everything for your readers.  Making money as a blogger definitely can require some experience and knowledge, but once you have an established audience, you can earn a decent living by blogging about your travels (or anything else you want to write about).


Virtual Assistant


If the idea of working remotely from either home or on vacation sounds good to you, you may want to look into becoming one of the fastest growing careers out in the job market right now:  a virtual assistant.  Many companies have found that outsourcing administrative tasks like fielding e-mails, working on social media campaigns and confirming appointments can be done by virtual assistants who are across the country versus employees in the office.  


The pay varies depending on who you work for, but the flexibility couldn’t be more accommodating for any travel lover. Not sure where to look for such a job? Just a quick search online yields hundreds of job opportunities to work as a virtual assistant.


If sitting at a desk with poor lighting 40 hours a week isn’t for you, there’s nothing more attractive than finding a job that gets you out of the office and into nature. These are just 3 careers to look into if you want to make a solid paycheck and travel in the process.

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