Earning Money While Travelling – Teach English in a Foreign Country

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Those of us who’ve figured out a way to quench our travel thirst more than the average person can often get lost in our little world of travel, getting annoyed at what are actually rather justified questions of how we manage to do it. Ask any traveller though and they’ll tell you that as much as they do manage to book flights regularly and just disappear into the sky, it’s just never enough.

You always wish you could stay longer somewhere or perhaps see more of a specific place, which kind of has you stuck between a rock and a hard place since on the other hand you also want to see as much of the world as you possibly can.

I really don’t know why we tend to get annoyed when they ask us how we manage to do it, but perhaps it’s because the answers we give are often dismissed as some theory or some plot to get people to join some sort of “programme” or scheme — you know the ones I’m talking about, don’t you?

The question of “How do you do it?” is often followed by “Well, how can I do it as well?” and as justified as that is, if I was to open up a consultancy which would be dedicated to helping people find their own way of being able to afford to travel all over the world while earning money, it’d probably reek of those very programmes and schemes we collectively frown on, so I’ll give this advice for free.

The truth is the possibility is indeed there, but the reality of it is different for everyone. The reality of it is as unique as each of us are and as unique as each of our different situations. I mean I could tell you to get a new laptop and work as freelance writer, but you perhaps don’t have the writing skills or the self-discipline to be able to dedicate a few hours of your day to completing and submitting your allocated writing tasks, in the same way that I could tell you to buy a copy of Photoshop and work as a remote graphics designer, in which case you may not have the passion or the flair for designing and manipulating graphics, along with the same discipline required to work remotely.

So there are indeed many different approaches and I guess it’s just a matter of finding one which works for you. One which seems to be working out quite well for many people though is that of teaching English abroad as a foreign language. Qualifying through TEFL Courses is as easy as dedicating about 120 hours of your time to learning how to teach English to a foreign learner base.

Even students on their gap year are doing it and as an alternative to the discipline it would require to do your own thing like working remotely as a freelancer, at least with teaching English classes you sort of have to be somewhere at a certain time and so the discipline required is inherent.

Otherwise that’s just one of the many ways you can indeed make this travelling thing happen — to answer that one question us frequent travellers always get.

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