Enjoy a barbecue outdoors in a London Park

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Enjoying the sunshine in winter in London is all too rare, so when the sun does shine, Londoners make the most of the weather. If you do plan a trip to London this winter, one of the best ways to spend the day is to visit any of its wonderful parks or green open spaces. And London certainly does have an abundance of such public spaces all over the city!

To make the most of your trip, it is vital to choose a hotel that is centrally located. The Shoreditch hotels are a popular choice on account of their affordable prices and their convenient location, along with excellent transport links.

And one of the best in the area is the M hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch London Tech City, that is a preferred choice of accommodation among business travellers and visitors to the area. While in the area you could make the most of the pleasant weather outdoors, by enjoying a barbecue outdoors in any of the wonderful parks to be found in the vicinity like those in Islington.

After all there nothing is like a fine barbecue to enjoy with friends or family. Having a barbecue meal in a restaurant or a bar does not have the same charm like having it outdoors. And on a bright sunny day you will find a good number of locals heading to the nearest barbecue spots to soak in the sunshine, while dining on a fine meal.

The only hitch is that there are relatively few public parks in London and its surrounding boroughs that allow barbecues at their locations. As a consequence the majority of parks that do permit visitors to enjoy outdoor barbecues are to be found on the outskirts of the city. Even those that allow barbecues have specially allocated areas, so as to not to disturb other visitors to the parks.

And visitors to the barbecue area are advised not to use foil barbecues as they damage the grass in the barbecue area. Instead they are to use barbecues that are at a safe height from the ground. Apart from this you need to follow the general precautions when working with fire in any public place. One of the areas where you will find a good number of parks that allow barbecues is the Borough of Islington.

Some of the best places to enjoy an outdoor barbecue are:

Caledonian Park

While the park is spread just over 18 acres (relatively smaller than others) it makes up for ample space to set up your barbecue. And the good news is that it is relatively secluded so do not expect to see large crowds. Once you have had a hearty feast you could walk off the extra calories in the surrounding woodland, by either going for a stroll on the Darwin trail or visit the community gardens with the orchard.

Highbury Fields

The picturesque location of Highbury Field with its tree-lined green open spaces is popular with locals especially, in the winter months when they flock to the place to enjoy some much needed sunshine.  The local council has made a recommendation to exclusively make use of a kettle-type barbecue stand, along with a disposable foil (generates lees smoke), while ensuring that all kinds of barbecues are within a safe distance from the grass. A fine place to enjoy a barbecue with a pub in close proximity, if you feel like a pint!

Burgess Park

It is the sole park in the Southwark area that allows barbecues to be hosted on its property. As a consequence it does tend to get pretty crowded on holidays and the weekend. As with other green spaces there is a specific area for barbecues. They strictly enforce these rules so it is advised to only set up your barbecue in the allotted area.

Gillespie Park

Despite the fact that it is one of the smaller parks in size, it more than compensates in terms of sheer beauty. With lush green meadows, woodland, a natural reserve and ponds it is also home to an abundance of wildlife. Once you are done exploring the place it is one of the best spots to set up a barbecue to satiate your appetite. The best area to set up your barbecue would be away from the reserve in an open space.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

While there is no official mention of the place being open to enjoy a barbecue, you could give the local council a ring to confirm the same. The only restriction is that they do not permit disposable barbecues and visitors must ensure that all waste from the barbecue is disposed in the bins for them. Its location midway between Holborn and Chancery Lane, along with its picturesque surroundings, makes it an ideal barbecue spot. And if you do need anything you could always get any supplies from nearby.

London Fields

It is one of the more popular parks in the Hackney area. It also has an allotted barbecue location with a set of rules that need to be strictly adhered to. These include not permitting any sports activities near the barbecue zone, using a disposable barbecue only on a metal stand and no barbecues after 9 pm are allowed.

Beddington Park

While it is a fair distance from Central London, it is better suited for those staying in the suburbs. There is an allotted barbecue zone at the park and it is also located close to a play area for kids, with a cafe and public bathrooms nearby. Visitors can borrow barbecue stands at the park and its shady spots make it a favourite with visitors to the area.

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