Essential Mobile Apps for Travellers

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Armed with a fully-charged battery, a power-bank or two and a suitable range of wall-socket adaptors for your phone’s charger, there are some mobile apps which are essential for all travellers. These will make your life so much easier on the road and perhaps even leave you wondering just how on earth people used to travel prior to the age of the Smartphone and other devices like tablet PCs.


Battery Optimiser


Smart devices appear to be especially power-hungry when they’re called upon to switch back and forth between the likes of the flight mode and searching for new networks on which to roam, so too tapping into the free WiFi you’ll undoubtedly want to take full advantage of. This is why a batter optimiser is essential, but in this case you’d best install one which was developed by the manufacturer of your phone, if it is indeed available of course.


Route Planning & Transport Organiser


This is where we go back to the question of just how frequent travellers in particular managed to find their way when travelling, prior to the existence of what are essentially computers in our pockets – smartphones. The likes of Google Maps and perhaps even Google Earth are pretty much a standard now by way of finding your way, while apps such as Uber and Lyft complete this equation by offering you a means through which to actually get around and get to the exact place you’re looking to go to. So mapping and route planning/organisation apps are an essential part of the traveller’s apps list.


Social Media


I for one prefer to use my social media platforms on a full-sized PC or laptop, but social media apps are necessary for when you’re on the road. It’s not so much about checking-in here or snapping and uploading a pic of your plate of food (unless you’re a foodie blogger or something like that), but more about what is essentially an easy media back-up facility. It’s as simple as this – if you upload some of your media to your social networking account, that’s but just one way of creating a back-up for that media.


Social media apps become that much more powerful when you turn on your location tracker because then you can get alerts of where the best places to go are within your current locale.




Entertainment which can be accessed via your mobile phone is just as important as anything else really, but if you’re going to pass some time between your flights and during other key layover times, you might as well do it constructively. Download The Official William Hill Android App to not only keep tabs on your sports betting exploits, but also to stay up to date with all the latest in sports and related news. You can even watch live games through the app.


Otherwise mobile apps which keep you stimulated as much as they keep you entertained should definitely be on your device, but what better way to keep yourself entertained than through an app which also gives you a chance to win some real money?

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