The Las Vegas Travel Guide for the English Visitor

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Las Vegas is one of those cities that you must visit at least once in your lifetime to get a real feel for what goes on there. It embodies everything from glitz and glamour, thanks to the Rat Pack, to a little bit of kitsch. Where else can you go to play the slot machines all hours of the night, see a handful of Elvis impersonators, and get married on a whim?

Here are some tips for visiting Vegas and a few “must see or do” things:

Wear Sensible Shoes


While Las Vegas is a bit of a dress-up city (you should pack a few nice clothes and shoes), you must wear sensible shoes, especially if you will be walking the strip. The infamous Las Vegas strip is a little over 4 miles (or nearly 6.5 km). Many visitors complain that the distance is deceptive. Maybe it’s the neon lights or the Nevada heat. At any rate, wear good shoes and stay hydrated.

Create an Itinerary


If you’re the type of traveler who likes to “go wherever the wind takes you,” a Vegas trip may not be the best time to follow this method of travel. There’s a lot to see and do in Las Vegas, and it can be a little overwhelming if you head out without any type of plan.


Start by picking about five things you “must” do and start from there. Keep in mind that you may be a little tired so you don’t want to stray too far from your hotel, especially if on foot. All this said, don’t forget to live a little and do whatever you want (within reason); this is Vegas, after all.

Take a Big Bus Tour


Taking a Big Bus tour is much like riding in a Double Decker. It’s a great opportunity to see all of Las Vegas, and there’s even a night tour. Don’t have your trip planned out yet? Take some mental notes of places you’d like to check out while riding the Big Bus.

Hitting Up the Casinos


You’ve probably wondered when casinos would be mentioned. Some visitors go to Las Vegas only to gamble, while some don’t even step foot in one. You should, without a doubt, check out on the the iconic casinos, such as Golden Nugget or Bellagio. Go for the free drinks and place a few bets. If you get easily burnt out by a big crowd and a lot of action, you may be more comfortable heading up to your hotel room, finding a top rated online casino, and playing an impressive game of poker or slots.

Catch a Show


Whether you watch the dancing water fountains outside of Bellagio or catch a classic lounge act, be sure to hit up a show that is unlike anything else you can see at home. Check out the dress code beforehand and if you’re going to have dinner and drinks, try to get those during non-peak hours (to save a little money).


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