The Perfect Travel Combo: Amazing Scenery, Incredible Food, Cheap Prices

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If you love to travel but don’t believe it’s possible on your budget, there are some amazing vacation options available. You can forget spending your next vacation camping in your state park and plan an unforgettable trip to an exciting destination in another country. Pack your clothes and camera, and get ready to head off on a fabulous, affordable adventure!

Exotic India

Many people were first introduced to India when they were children reading the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. It is home to the exquisite Taj Mahal, one of the world’s seven wonders. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture ever created. The people of India are charming, friendly, and hospitable. You’ll be captivated by the smiles of the children. The food varies with northern delicacies featuring slightly spicy and creamy curries with mutton or chicken, while in the south you’ll find more seafood, coconut, and rice dishes. The large Hindu population does not eat meat, so vegetarians will find the restaurants have plenty of delicious vegetable menu items. You can stay in a motel, eat three meals, and travel using the trains for as low as $15 a day if you are on a very tight budget. For $25 a day, you can stay in nicer hotels, eat richer meals, and travel on the first class train.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers you a beautiful Caribbean style holiday at a much lower price than other islands. If college debt seems to be ruining your options for a great vacation, you can get help with student loans, and soon you will be sunning yourself on a gorgeous beach in the Dominican Republic. It’s an affordable destination. Less than $50 a day will cover the hotel, food, and local bus travel for the thrifty vacationer. The Bavaro hostel offers dorm rooms for under $20 with free coffee and Wi-Fi. The hostel is only a short walk to the pure white sands of Bavaro Beach and exciting watersports. Parasailing, water skiing, and scuba diving are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at the beaches in the Dominican Republic.


Another inexpensive vacation spot is Bolivia. Its visual beauty is amazing, and the food is delicious. Bolivians enjoy sweet treats, and you can find assorted flavors of gelatin with whipped cream topping on every street corner. You can also buy the Bolivian’s favorite sugary empanadas in every town. The favorite drink of the country is Coca-Cola. The cultural aspects of Bolivia are both fascinating and eccentric. All over the country you will see men, women, and children dressed in indigenous clothing, but they may not want you to take their picture. Many Bolivian indigenous people believe the camera will steal their soul. You can vacation in Bolivia for under $50 a day.

Get your finances in order, and start planning a vacation in a beautiful and exciting foreign destination. From the Caribbean to exotic India, you can afford a dream vacation for a few dollars a day.

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