Relocating to France from the UK

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Relocating to France from the UK is becoming more and more popular as people seek a warmer climate, a more relaxed way of life and a new start. Whether you are moving for a year or two, or are completely relocating to France for the long-term there is a lot to consider. Most people assume that the whole relocation process is hard work and stress, and although it isn’t the easiest of tasks and can take some time (Brexit didn’t make things any easier..) There are some great online resources that provide all the help you need before moving, if you give yourself enough time to prepare properly it really isn’t as arduous a process as you initially feared!

Relocate to France: what to consider first.

Regardless of why you are making the move to France, the process is likely to be the same in each case and the same things must be factored in. The first areas people usually look at are the obvious ones; finding work, finding somewhere to live and finding out how easy it is to move. However, there are less obvious things that are frequently overlooked or forgotten about altogether. Just because they don’t immediately spring to mind doesn’t make them any less important. Here are three of the many aspects you must consider before making the move to France.


If you have pets and are planning to take them with you it is advised that you research whether or not it is possible, and if so, how easy it is to do. Most pets will be able to relocate but there are pet laws, pet passports and vaccinations to consider. More detailed information on moving pets can be viewed here.


Many people who move to France will eventually apply for residency or to become a French citizen, though some don’t. Having a rough idea in mind of your future plans before you leave will help you to conduct the correct research in finding out if you are eligible and how you go about beginning an application, and when.


If you are a keen voter in the UK you may wish to continue to vote when you move to France in the French elections. EU citizens can vote in French municipal elections and European parliamentary elections in France, and registering usually happens at the local Town Hall. Fully understanding the French political systems and how French voting works beforehand will assist you. Check out this page for all you need to know about voting in France as a foreigner.

There is so much to consider when moving to any country from the UK, and France is no different; but, with a lot of planning and organisation the move will go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The key to achieving this a successful move is carrying out your research before you go and ensuring you know the ins and outs of everything, from moving your pets to applying for residency.

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