How to Start a New Social Life After Moving Abroad

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The thought of starting up a brand new social life after moving abroad might seem like a huge problem worth getting worried about. After all, most of us spend a long time trying to build up some sort of social life in the place where we live.

To lose all of this in one fell swoop can seem like a disaster, but you can do something about it to make life easier in your new home. You can quickly start a brand new social life that could very well be better than the one that you left behind.

Find Hobbies That You Like

The good news is that finding a circle of friends you enjoy being with is something that can be done in the same way pretty much anywhere in the world. For a start, what about checking out whether there are any hobbies you can enjoy locally?

Whether it is playing chess, taking photos, writing poetry or anything else, there are sure to be hobbies that you can take part in. You can, therefore, look for clubs or groups where you will find people who love the same hobby.

Having a pastime in common can bring together people who seem to be completely different or who come from wildly different backgrounds.

Try a New Sport

What about giving a new sport a try? In this way, you could join a team and take part or else join in with the other people who just go to watch as spectators.

If you are moving to a country with passion for sports and the outdoor lifestyle then this should be a lot easier to do. For example, if you are moving to New Zealand from the UK or are heading to Australia then you will find that sport offers a fine way of feeling a part of the local culture.

Makes Friends with Other Ex-Pats

A popular choice among ex-pats is to make friends with others who have made the same move to start a new life here. This is fine, provided that you don’t forget to also make friends with locals and get to know the country’s culture.

If you move to a country with a high percentage of immigrants then you could find that you make friends with ex-pats who have come from all round the world. The good thing about this is that you immediately have something in common with others who have moved here recently.

Get to Know Your Work Colleagues and Neighbours

Your work colleagues and neighbours are likely be among the people who can help you to start up a rewarding social life. Most people will look on a newly arrived immigrant kindly and try to help out.

This means that you might get invited round to someone’s house for a typical meal from their culture or else your colleagues might make a special effort to get you to join them on a night out. Either way, as long as you are open to new experiences you should find it a great way of starting your social life.

If you are looking at New Zealand skilled visas in order to move then you will see that this is one of the fantastic countries looking to bridge their current skills gap.

Learn the Language

Having a good social life is clearly much easier to do when you can communicate easily with the people around you. In fact, it seems certain that the language barrier is one of the main reasons why many ex-pats fail to make new friends abroad when moving to a country where English isn’t the main language.

Therefore, by picking up the language you will greatly expand your possibilities of having fun. You need to get started with the boring old grammar and basic speech but hopefully you will soon move on to the more enjoyable phrases and slang that you can use with friends in a social setting.

Don’t Lose Touch who Friends Back Home

Finally, don’t think that moving away means that you need to forget all about your friends and family from back home. By using modern technology such as social media sites and video calling software you can stay in touch easily.

While you can’t go out for a drink or watch a film with your friends on the other side of the planet, just knowing that they are there should make you feel better about starting out on this new life far from home.

Moving to a new country is an exciting move that can lead to a rewarding social life for you sooner or later. You certainly should let the idea of making a new circles of friends inspire rather than intimidate you.

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