3 Best Party Hotels in the World

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A traveller is nothing without a random group of friends, who will happily party the night, day or week away, forgetting each other’s names once the experience is done and dusted. I’ve lost count of the number of hotels, hostels and stranger’s floors I’ve slept on over the years, but my absolute favourite experience has to be a party hotel.

I love them so much that I thought I’d share my top picks with you, so you can have as much fun as I’ve had (if that’s possible).

The Palms Casino Resort

There is nothing I love more than sun and music, which is why I have had an unbelievable time at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. There is a reason why this hotel is internationally regarded as a party kingdom, because it offers everything from a gambling area, nightclub, Playboy Club and plenty of bars.

However, if there is one place you must visit in the resort it’s the retractable roof, which offers a party experience like any other. So, if you want a true Vegas experience, book yourself in to this amazing hotel.

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

I always fancied myself as a bit of a DJ, but it was unfortunately a skill I’m pretty terrible at. However, that little aspiration always comes back to me when I’m in Ibiza, listening to the world’s finest DJs playing sets that bring an audience alive.

Anyone visiting Ibiza is looking to party in utter style – which is why I checked into Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel. Not only is the location superb, but the atmosphere is simply electric. Just don’t expect to get much sleep.

Signature Living

Liverpool holds a dear place in my heart, because I have had so many wonderful days and nights in the city. There is a reason why people across the UK travel here, because the city has an amazing buzz, an eclectic mix of bars and clubs and friendly locals.

Whenever I stay in the city for a night out, me and the boys always book Signature Living, because we can all stay together in one room. The group hotel in Liverpool has been designed to allow friends to sleep, party and drink all in one room – and the city centre locations make it the perfect destination when enjoying a night on the town.

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