3 Most Romantic Places to Be in Rome

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Rome might look like a place built for gladiators and a politically charged society but the city has a romantic side too. Surprisingly, it has many sites that can spark love even in the cruelest hearts. The beautiful lookouts and mesmerizing alleys look like a set of a romantic movie. Its artistic and passionate culture is a breeding ground for romance. Let us discuss some of the dreamier travel locations in Rome. 

The garden of Oranges 

The Giardino Degli Aranci is also known as Parco Savello. It is the most romantic place in entire Rome due to the mesmerizing fragrance of orange blossoms. The garden also provides a fantastic view of Rome’s famous ancient monuments. The garden also has fascinating walkways with a flicker of sun’s rays.  

The garden is surrounded by the Basilica of Santa Sabina on one side and is covered by Savelli Castle’s old wall. You will also witness the Circus Maximus where ancient Romans enjoyed chariot racing. You must witness evening twilight from the garden while the tranquil silence takes over your racing heart. The garden is a true masterpiece and its intimate setting is perfect for couples. Moreover, it is a great backdrop to click romantic photos.

Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese was owned by Scipione Borghese who was a famous art collector. It was managed as a party hotspot by Borghese who also used it to showcase his massive art collection. The beautiful artifacts are still demonstrated yet it is not the only reason to visit the villa. It has a beautiful garden with huge trees that seldom hide magnificent statues and fountains. The villa also has a small pond which gives it a rustic and charming ambiance. Old school lovers will feel at home as the villa looks nothing less than a set for a Hollywood romantic film. 

The setting is perfect for a small walk, a light conversation or a silent yet thought-provoking time. You can also visit the Temple of Aesculapius to use a boat on a little lake while gazing at the evening sky. 

Gianicolo Hill

Gianicolo Hill provides a panoramic view of Rome. It has always been a hotspot for lovers in the city. You can go for a date or a small picnic with your loved one. The hill also has many shops and canteens that add up to the whole atmosphere. A pack of chocolates and champagne will be your best bet while you look at the legacy of the Roman Empire. 

You can also walk up to the hill for a better view but taxis are available too. Most importantly, the place is not crowded and you will have enough time and space to experience love like never before. 

There are many other locations like Lungotevere and Pincio Gardens. To be honest, a date at any neighborhood café in Rome is perfectly romantic. You can learn more about such destinations at https://roma-pass.com.  Make sure that you pre-plan your visit as Rome can become over-crowded in holidays.

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