3 Things To Always Have With You On Your Off-Roading Adventures

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If you have a vehicle that can take it, like a Ford from Pembroke Pines, going off-roading is a great way to explore some rough terrain while getting a bit of an adrenaline rush. However, anyone who’s ever gone off-roading knows that things can get a little dicey at times. If you ever run into problems on your adventures off the beaten path, you know how quickly things can go from bad to worse. So to ensure your next off-roading expedition isn’t your last, here are three things you should always have with you while going off-roading.


Bring Your Basics

Even if you’re only planning to go out for a few hours, it’s best to over prepare for your own safety. With this in mind, Ty Brookhart, a contributor to Outside Online, recommends always carrying enough food, water, and shelter to last you a day or two. In the event that your car breaks down or you somehow become stranded out in the middle of nowhere, it will go a long way toward your safety and security to have some of the basics on hand. Think of it like you’re going car camping, and bring along anything that might help you survive a night or two out on your own.

Air Compressor and Tire Gauge

When you go off-roading, you can bet the terrain is going to be a bit questionable. Getting a flat or having a blowout isn’t uncommon. Knowing this, you should always have a full-sized spare tire in case you need to make a change. Also, depending on the type of terrain you’re going to be driving on, you should also have an air compressor and tire gauge. Especially if you’ll be on sand, letting out some air in your tires can make it much easier to get some traction if you become stuck. You’ll just want to make sure you get them back up to the right pressure once you’re back on solid ground, hence the air compressor and tire gauge.

Another Set of Wheels

Now, we don’t mean bring a whole new set of tires with you each time you go off-roading. Rather, Wes Siler, a contributor to Gizmodo, shares that having a buddy in another vehicle is often a great idea while off-roading. Not only can they help pull you out if you get stuck, but they will also be another set of eyes to look out for danger and another person to bounce ideas off of if you come across a problem that needs to be solved. While not all off-roading expeditions make sense for bringing along a second vehicle, this can be a huge life saver if you get in a tough spot.

To ensure you stay safe the next time you’re off-roading, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above on your future adventures.

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