30 James Street – More Than Just a Hotel

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There are some hotels that have been designed to be remembered, like 30 James Street. As you will know, I am a passionate traveller, and living each day to the full is more a way of life to me than a goal.

I’ve stayed in some utter dives over the years. Places I wouldn’t let my worst enemy stay at for free. That’s the travellers life, though – and as much as I hate it, I absolutely love it. Most of the time, all I want is a comfy bed, a clean bathroom and a great location, but even that can be a hard ask at times.

Despite my lack of refinement when it comes to travelling, I do have high expectations. If I pay out for a service then I expect it to receive my money’s worth. After all, a traveller is everything but a spendthrift.

I’ve paid out for hotels and left feeling so disappointed in the room, service and/or location. I’m one of those annoying people who likes to complain as they are about to leave – not to get a free stay, but to just have a moan, because I’ve paid for the right to do so.

However, there was nothing for me to complain about when I stayed at 30 James Street, which is a Titanic hotel in Liverpool city centre. Now, before I start, let me tell you this is not your average hotel, because the building was Titanic’s port of registry. The receptionist told me that it used to be the White Star Line’s headquarters, which was the shipping company that created the famous ship, as well as RMS Olympic.

To celebrate the building’s seafaring history, each hotel room has a unique connection to the ship and company. For example, I stayed in the Molly Brown suite, who was a first class passenger on the ship. The rooms are beautiful and even come with a double Jacuzzi bath, which I lapped up before I hit they hay.

I also dined at the Carpathia Restaurant following a member of staff’s recommendation. It had been a while since I’d last visited the city, so it was great to sit on the rooftop terrace looking out at landmarks such as the Albert Dock and Pier Head. Interestingly, the Liverpool restaurant is named after RMS Carpathia, which was the ship that rescued Titanic’s survivors.

I only stayed the one night, but I really wished it was more. So I definitely recommend a visit if you’re planning on visiting the city anytime soon.

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