4 Most Common Travel Mistakes

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Traveling can be something that requires a lot of steps and checklists.  It can be easy to let things fall through the cracks since there can be a lot of planning and preparations to make before embarking on your journey.

Instead of rushing into your trip, try to make sure that you cover all of your tracks by slowing down and really taking the time to ensure that you check every box and finish every detail before you rush into getting on the plane and diving into your adventure.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid when going on your travels.


Not Getting Proper Immunizations


When going on your trip, make sure that you educate yourself on whether the destination you are going to requires vaccinations or not.  If they do, make sure that you get the proper immunizations within the right amount of time before your trip.


Some people fail to get the final immunizations only to find out when it is too late that they can’t take their trip.  Make sure that you always look online to find out whether you require certain treatments before going to a new country.  And give yourself time to feel a little under the weather after these shots.


Expired Passport


Some people go on their trip before checking the expiration date on their travel documents.  If your passport expires before your trip then you will be refused entry onto the plane.  Or worse, if your passport expires while you’re on the trip then you will have to get it renewed at the embassy, possibly interrupting your travel plans.


Having to find an embassy isn’t always easy if you are in a remote location.  This means having to travel to the nearest big city and making an appointment, then waiting for the passport to process. Avoid this altogether by simply checking the dates before you leave.




Overpacking on a trip means hauling around a heavy bag and adding unnecessary stress to your transportation.  When you overpack and bring too many things you are also increasing the risk of leaving things behind.


When you have a lot of things to keep track of, you are that much more likely to lose them.  Instead, pack things that are only crucial.  You can always buy extra things on your trip and bring it home rather than haul around during your trip.


Not Learning Phrases Beforehand


Make sure that you learn a few essential phrases before you take off.  You should learn phrases that are useful for if you need to ask for directions, or perhaps asking the price of something.  


Understanding basic phrases are very useful to do before you leave and locals you meet will be appreciative.

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