5 Countries To Hit Up On Your Resort Vacation Bucket List

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Sometimes the best way to pick a vacation is by thinking in terms of what country you want to go to, and specifically, what country that has a full-featured resort vibe tourist location destination. That may seem like a lot of descriptive words, but each one of them is important for the person on a mission to create the perfect bucket list.

Consider the countries of Mexico, Canada, England, Italy, and Sweden for a moment. Each of these places has a distinctive resort, or set of resorts, that is unique enough to warrant a critical look, and some of the dreamiest vacations in the world are going to take shape in those geographical regions.




No vacationer’s little black book would be complete without a trip to a resort in Mexico. The price is right, the vibe is right, the hotels and resorts are gorgeous, and you can live like a king or queen for a good grip of time without a care in the world. Pictures and descriptions aren’t ever really going to do it justice, so find an all-inclusive trip sometime and take your partner on a week-long spin. You won’t regret it!




Another great way to hit up an awesome resort is to head to Canada and do a ski trip some time. Even if you don’t already ski or snowboard – sign up for some lessons. You can learn enough to enjoy yourself even on a weekend trip, and the great thing about being active on vacation is when you’re exhausted and head back to your hotel room, you really, really appreciate the surroundings. Canada has some of the best winter sports activities in the world, so shouldn’t be overlooked.




And if you’re ready for a historical excursion, going to a resort in London may be one of the most fascinating things you’ve ever done. There’s just so much background that goes into every tradition that the British have – seeing it firsthand is something that you have to experience to believe, and though it might be a bit more expensive to vacation in the U.K. than other places, it’s still worth the price!




If you want some other serious cultural immersion, consider a trip to Italy. Finding a resort town that speaks to you somewhere in the vicinity of Rome can be the trip of a lifetime. The art, the music, the architecture – again, the memories are worth any price, and the bonding experience of your family can be a cherished set of moments forever.




Sweden has been getting a lot of press lately, and some of it mixed depending on who the source of the news is. But if you want to check it out for yourself, there’s always a way. Find a Swedish resort town and book those tickets. There’s nothing like a first-hand experience to compare with the news!

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