5 Things To Do Before Going On A US Road Trip

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Exploring the U.S. by RV can be an unforgettable experience, but it’s a journey that requires plenty of preparation. You want your road trip to go off without a hitch, so take time before your RV rental hits the road to make sure you’re organized, packed, and ready to explore. Follow these tips to prepare for your U.S. road trip and ensure you and your travel mates are ready for the vacation of a lifetime.


1. Secure Your Transportation


Your U.S. road trip requires reliable transportation that offers comfort and safety for you and your travel companions. So, the first step in your road trip planning should be finding your ride. After all, you need something to help you explore every destination on your itinerary. When you’re considering what transportation is best for your road trip, first think about size. If you’re taking a solo road trip or traveling with just one other person, you won’t need as much space as you would if you’re taking a group of friends or the entire family. Choose from pop-up campers and motorhomes to find the right size and style for your needs.


Another important factor to consider when evaluating transportation options is amenities. First, determine how much time you’ll be spending in your RV rental once you arrive at your destination. If you’ll be parking at a campsite and living out of your RV, you’ll want amenities like comfortable beds and seating and a fully equipped kitchen. If you’ll be staying in different accommodations, scaled-down amenities might work just fine.


Also, remember to give yourself plenty of time to book your transportation. Once you’ve chosen dates for your road trip, secure your transportation. You don’t want to be ready to hit the road without access to the right kind of RV, camper, or trailer for your needs.


2. Map Your Road Trip


Next, create a specific route for your road trip. Start with your final destination. Then, explore different ways to get from your starting point to that destination. When you’re mapping your road trip, consider what you want to see. Perhaps a coastal route is available, giving you sweeping views of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Maybe you want to drive through a national park. Perhaps there are a few small towns you want to explore. Select a route that affords you the most opportunities for sightseeing and exploring to make your road trip truly unforgettable.


3. Explore Your Route


Your route is mapped, so now you’re ready for the fun part: deciding exactly what you want to see and do during your journey. Take advantage of plenty of online resources to research your road trip. Check out travel and visitors’ bureaus to learn more about the areas you’ll be visiting. Visit travel websites and forums to research your area. Compile a list of possible activities and excursions during your road trip. Perhaps you want to hit some trails and go hiking, see a national monument, or get your toes in the sand at the beach. Make note of when attractions are open and closed to ensure that you hit the right attraction at the right day and time. Let this research inspire your road trip and guide your activities along the way.


4. Select Accommodations


Decide where you want to stay during your journey. An RV is an all-inclusive way to travel, serving as both your transportation and your accommodations. However, you still have to find a spot to park your RV when you’re exploring your destination. If you’re going on a nature-inspired road trip, check out potential campsites near parks and trails that you plan to visit. Often, you’ll need to reserve your campsite in advance, so don’t delay in finding a campsite. RV resorts and parks are other options to park your RV, so look for potential spots along your route.


5. Stock Up


Ensure your road trip is a success by stocking up on important items before you hit the road. In addition to the necessities like clothes, shoes, and toiletries, pick up those items essential for RV travel. First, if you plan on cooking in the RV, design a meal plan before you depart. Then, you can stock the RV with the food you need to cook during your journey. Remember important items like sponges, dish soap, and dish towels to simplify cleanup. Pack some paper products, including paper plates, towels, and napkins, to minimize cleanup as well.


Next, make sure you get a good night’s sleep on your journey. Pack pillows, blankets, and sheets for each bed in the RV. On a similar note, make sure you bring bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths as well. These essentials will ensure that your RV becomes your home away from home.


Your RV rental is the first step in planning your U.S. road trip. Being well organized and having a well-thought-out plan ensures that your getaway is filled with unforgettable moments.

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