5 Times You Have To Travel For Reasons Other Than Vacation

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Not all travel is about vacation, as much as most of us wish that that was the case. We wish that every time we had to go somewhere it was a ski trip to Sweden, or a jaunt out to get some sun in Mexico, or even an adventure vacation traveling through Europe. However, just because traveling isn’t always for fun, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for it in a focused manner.


Five situations in particular when you might have to deal with traveling for more serious topics would be when you’re heading to a remote rehab facility, traveling to a funeral, following work opportunities, traveling as a profession, or travel as part of your profession (like consulting for example).

Heading To Rehab

Lots of people struggle with addiction, and one of the ways to get out of it is to go to rehab. However, sometimes one of the more important parts of the rehab decision is how far you have to go away from your home environment in order for it to be more effective. In which case, traveling as far away as is feasible might be just what the doctor ordered.

Traveling To a Funeral

Traveling to funerals is often a big part of people’s adult lives. Though the dead bury the dead, family and friends often need catharsis when it comes to the passing of a loved one, and sometimes that means getting on a plane or train, or making the long drive yourself. There are a few different considerations when it comes to heading to a funeral, and one of the biggest ones is that clothing that you pack. It’s always good to pay special attention to that in the planning stages.

Following Work Opportunities

Sometimes travel becomes necessary when you’re looking for a job. Certain geographic locations have many more opportunities when it comes to certain kinds of work, and that means that if you’re looking to improve your situation, hitting the road can often be the first step in that new direction.

Traveling As a Profession

Guess what you get to do if you’re a trucker? That’s right – travel! You can make a ton of money doing it, especially if you’re part of a night and day team, but in terms of preparation, you have to really get an efficient system in place, since you’ll be essentially living out of the truck for long periods of time.

Consulting For Your Company

If you have a job that requires you to travel every once in a while as a consultant, that’s another time you’ll be hitting the road other than for vacation. However, with consultation jobs in particular, you often know your destination far enough in advance that you can do fun things while you’re not working as well.

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