6 Things to Think About When Booking a Hotel

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Now is possibly the best time to travel. Airfares have become more affordable, the world has become friendlier towards the idea of global travel, and more importantly, booking a hotel has become more convenient than it has ever been thanks to the internet. But just because everything is within a click on your keyboard or a few swipes on your mobile device does not mean that making the right hotel booking is any easier. image

Booking a hotel is tricky business, with your hotel choice greatly defining the outcome of your entire trip. Picking the right choice of hotel involves a lot of research and maybe the collective experience of many seasoned travelers to get a factual, objective, and close-to-reality look at a hotel and a destination.

It also requires having to consider several things that we have outlined below for you. Read on before you finalize that hotel booking!

  1. One of the best things about booking websites and apps is that they allow travelers to compare room prices more easily and conveniently. Hotel prices are affected by several factors including location, size, type, amenities, and the intended time of stay. Before you book online, you first of all scour the internet for cheap discount codes for places like Hotels.com, so you can get a good deal.
  2. Purpose of travel. Are you traveling for work or for pleasure? Are you traveling with kids? The purpose of your travel should be the foremost consideration when making a hotel booking simply because this purpose dictates your needs throughout your trip. Pick your preferred hotel amenities based on the purpose of your trip and if you have a limited budget, let go of the ones that you can live without during your trip.
  3. The location of your hotel is not only a matter of convenience; it is, more importantly, a matter of pricing. Hotels that are closer to major thoroughfares, restaurants, and tourist destinations are pricier than those that are located in back streets and further from the city center. If you are visiting for business purposes and important meetings are on your agenda, you may be better off staying at a place close to train stations or are easily accessible to public transportation. If you are up for touristy things and are determined to spend as little as possible on your hotel accommodation, then staying in far out hotels may be the perfect choice for you. See the extra distance as an opportunity to sightsee and feel more like a local.1
  4. Hotel Type. Some hotels are made for busy business travelers, others are made for families. Some are made for the posh folk, while others are made for backpackers who wouldn’t need anything more from their hotel other than a good bed and a functional shower. Pick your hotel according to your needs and length of stay.
  5. Season/Time. Some months are busier for hotels than others. Following the law of supply and demand, peak seasons will always be more expensive than non-peak seasons. Identify the peak dates of your destination and book at least two months ahead to avoid the peak rates.
  6. Guest reviews are perhaps the closest you can get to getting a sneak peek of your hotel. The good news is, the internet abounds with reviews. The bad news is, it’s hard to identify which user reviews are credible and which ones are not. That is why it is important to check across multiple online platforms for guest reviews for fair and objective comparisons.

Just because hotel booking remains a tricky business does not mean you should get wary of traveling especially abroad. Take your chance to see the world – follow these hotel booking tips and make use of available resources to ensure a great and wonderful travel experience.

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