8 Must-See Attractions in Orlando

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Orlando, Florida, is one of the most visited cities in the United States for both domestic and international tourists. Endless blue skies, theme parks, and world-class entertainment make the Sunshine State a perfect destination to take a vacation. Here are eight must-see attractions in Orlando.


1# Visit Universal Studios:


Every visitor to Orlando wants to go to Universal Studios. This giant theme park combines some of the best roller-coaster rides with shows, entertainment, and good dining. Some visitors spend the day whereas others bring the kids for a weekend of fun.


2# Disney’s Animal Kingdom:


Families with young children love this attraction. The 500-acre theme park is an adventure for everyone with elephants, tropical birds, and a section on insects. This is actually the largest of all Disney’s theme parks in the world and will be a special treat for the kids.


3# The Orlando Science Center:


The Science Center has a number of interactive displays and exhibits to wow visitors about the wonders of science. You can learn about planet Earth, see dinosaurs, or catch a live show by trained scientists. Kids of all ages love this experience and you should expect to spend at least a morning or afternoon at the Science Center.


4# The Kennedy Space Center:


The United States Space Programme was started at the Kennedy Space Center, located about an hour east of Orlando. Visitors can have the space shuttle or astronaut experience and learn about the historical importance of travelling to space.


5# Take an Airboat Ride:


An Airboat uses a giant fan to propel itself across the water and is a popular activity in Orlando. Just outside the city are lots of mangroves and swamps full of wildlife, flora, and fauna. Some tours take you out into the boggy marshland where you may see an alligator. This is a fun experience and something unique to Florida.


6# Visit Madame Tussaud’s:


We’ve all heard of this museum. Almost life-like wax displays of famous people and film characters are displayed inside. Have your photograph with the likes of Shrek, Brad Pitt, and the Kung Fu Panda. Tickets are affordable and visitors walk around at their own pace. Take the perfect selfie with your favourite star and your friends won’t know the difference!


7# Go to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum:


The TV show was a huge success around the globe covering oddities and strange human capabilities. Well, this museum has a collection of similar objects such as a real shrunken head and a dress made entirely from liquorice. A trip here is certain to amaze visitors with the rare and unusual artefacts on display.


8# Take the Kids to LEGOLAND:


LEGOLAND is a theme park with rides, water parks, and lots and lots of LEGO. Each section has a different theme ranging from the World of China to Pirates Cove. There’s something for everyone and the kids will come away smiling.


Awesome Orlando:


Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States for a good reason. Theme parks, airboats, and unusual museums are certain to wow and entertain visitors.

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