Are You A Fan Of Simple Yet Elegant Things? You Will Love This Travel Map

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Scratch off world map are the thing to be had at the moment and everyone who has travelled once in their lifetime or is always on the go are eyeing them. And there is no shortage of them over the internet, covering every possible colours and theme. But if you are someone who values quality over everything else and believe that there is a beauty in being simple, then you will go bonkers over this scratch map by Luckies of London.


Scratch Map XL For The Quality Collector: In the world of scratch maps, the name of Luckies of London is almost synonymous with Apple in the world of mobile phones. Their maps are original and made with love that is visible in the depth of details and quality of artisanship on all their scratch maps. So why go to any Tom, Dick and Harry when you can get a travel map from the Apple of maps, after all they are the inventors of Scratch maps. Scratch Map XL is a large map of the world, emboldening all the qualities of Luckies products and comes with the A0 poster dimensions of 84 x 119 cm.


  • Humble Large Map of the World: No need to be cheap or loud when getting a travel map. The timeless theme of white and gold is followed on this scratch map, making it an elegant and stylish map suitable for all interiors.
  • Scratch Your Way To Vibrant Colours: A little burst of colour is always classy and you get just that when you scratch off the top gold foil to uncover the places you have travelled to.
  • Prominently Display Your Travels: The countries names are easily legible from afar, thanks to its humungous size. All the boundaries are marked clearly and you can accurately tack your journey to the strawberry fields in Malaysia to your adventures on London Eye.
  • Be Inspired To Travel More: This large map of the world includes previously ignored smaller islands along with more details on the major cities from all around the globe. Not only will it present a complete picture of your adventures, you will discover new and interesting places to trample to and lose yourself in. So keep yourself motivated to discover more of this beautiful world with Scratch Map XL. You can also gift it to your travel bug friends as it comes in its own gift tube.


Summary: Scratch Map XL is a large map of the world including details like small islands, more cities to keep your travel lust alive.


Author Bio: Angela Dawson is studying to be a writer who wants to base her characters on her encounters with people she meets on her travels.

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