Away From the City Lights: New York State Offers Plenty

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It’s a given that NYC will attract families, singles, couples, foreigners, etc. It’s a city known throughout the world. However, there’s a lot to do nearby too. You can get away from the city lights and still have the time of your life. Here’s what to do away from the glitter and lights.


Prudential Center


Take a look at what attractions are headed to the Prudential Center, strategically positioned away from the craziness of the city. If you’re a fan of the New Jersey Devils, or just want to see what it’s like to see a major league hockey game, tickets are reasonable and good vantage points are plenty.


Newark Museum


Tons of museums in NYC get attention, yet Newark’s is unassuming and impresses goers with its eclectic collection of local contemporary art and pieces from around the world. It’s a gem of a museum that is tucked on the side of the Hudson River. It’s a short ride from the Marriott Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel.


St Lucy’s Church


You don’t have to be a Catholic or religious to appreciate the architecture and history associated with this church. Aside from the structure, it is adorned with holy statues and picturesque representations of the Catholic religion. Some suggest going for the October Feast of St Gerard. Opened in 1925, the church adopts a Romanesque architecture. In 1998, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.


Military Park


The triangular-shaped park encompasses about six acres of land and makes for a great place to plop down with the family for a picnic. The area offers something for everyone with its carousel for kids, plush greens for those on laptops, and alternative sights from the concrete jungle of the surrounding metropolis.


Mount Pleasant Cemetery


Equally beautiful and historic, the gothic gates and winding pathways attract visitors all year, yet you may want to reserve time in the fall season when the foliage matches the majesty of the cemetery grounds. It’s also a great spot for amateur or professional photographers.


Branch Brook Park


The park is strewn with trees and foliage. The newly planted cherry blossom trees are a great addition to the sprawling park that features a skating rink. The park is open each day from dawn until 10 pm. Sorry, there is no open fire or barbequing on the grounds, yet goers enjoy cycling, jogging, and bird watching without permits.


Ironbound Neighborhood


Big cities take pride in small neighborhoods that provide glimpses of old world food, services, and traditions. The Ironbound neighborhood is something of a little Portugal. Take your pick of eateries and pop in and out of small boutiques and shops.


Performing Arts Center


The Performing Arts Center may be in Broadway’s shadow yet it doesn’t stop great performers and acts from coming through to entertain tourists and locals for a fraction of the NYC price. Whether you love comedy or opera, there’s something to be seen and heard within the Performing Art’s doors.

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