Best free things to do with the kids in London

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The city of London is replete with architectural beauty, history, charm and a vibrant culture, all of which make it one of the most popular tourist spots on the globe. It is these characteristics that make it the perfect choice to spend a holiday with the family in London.

In terms of accommodation staying at any of the hotels near Oxford Street London, is recommended as they is centrally located. Travelling becomes less of a hassle in London, when you stay in the centre of the city.  

And a great place to stay with the family in the area is the Marble Arch London Hotel that is located in the heart of the city and close to the entertainment and shopping areas, as well as in close proximity to the top attractions in central London. Some of the best free things to do and places to visit with the kids are:


The British Museum:  It has the distinction of being the most visited museum in the country. It has an incredible collection of more than 8 million objects, which include some of the most famous exhibits in the world. These include, the Parthenon Marbles and the Rosetta Stone among other world famous exhibits. Its magnificent atrium itself is enchanting and the perfect spot to begin your exploratory tour of the museum. With plenty of activity trails and free activity backpacks the kids will spend an engrossing afternoon, while also learning valuable information about civilisations and cultures from all over the world. Family events and workshops are organised on weekends that make it all the more captivating a place to visit!

Natural History Museum: It is a massive draw with kids who simply love the exhibits to be seen in the museum. The moment you enter the hallway there is a gigantic dinosaur that greets visitors within the entrance to the museum. Apart from dinosaurs, there are plenty of wildlife exhibits and the famous Earth Galleries that are a hit with kids as well as adults.  There are plenty of kid based activities that include Discovery Guide activity packs and a wide variety of hands-on exhibits to keep them entertained. There is no admission fee and the museum opens daily (with the exception of the 24th to 26th December).

Science Museum:  Another fabulous place to explore with the kids, the Science Museum is spread over six levels of exhibits, which include transport, space, environment and energy, all of which make it a great place to spend an entire day exploring at leisure. There are plenty of interactive-exhibits for kids of all ages and also 3D simulators and an IMAX 3D Cinema to make it all the more thrilling. While there is no admission charge to enter the museum, there are charges for the use of the simulators and IMAX Cinema.

Museum of London: A great way to educate the kids as well as yourself about the history of
London, through the ages is to visit the Museum of London. It has a massive collection of exhibits that highlight the city’s history and culture through the centuries. Its exhibits can be found at two sites with one located near the City of London and the other at the London Docklands area. There are plenty of family based activities to keep you and the kids engaged and also a thrilling Scavenger hunt organised for visitors. And on holidays and the weekends there are storytelling sessions, plays and a variety of other workshops.

Victoria and Albert Museum: The Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum has one of the finest collection of art and exhibits both of modern and ancient times. This includes its famous China Galleries and from the Middle East. Some of the items on display include jewellery, fashion and furniture among other exhibits.  They also organise a number of workshops for kids at different parts of the year. The children are given a free activity backpack that contains exhibits related materials, construction games, jigsaw puzzles and other interesting items. There also are family trail packs that are great to keep the family occupied with exploring the museum for clues and other items. There is no admission charge to the museum.

Outdoor attractions for kids

DLR Driverless Trains:  The kids will have a field day when they learn that they are on a train that is driverless! And if you manage to get tickets to be seated at the front of the train they can pretend to be the train driver as it zips across the city. The Dockland Light Rail train (DLR) is an automated train that runs from central London to the Docklands area of the city. The fares are the same as those charged on the Tube and visitors can use an Oyster Visitor Card or Contactless Card to pay for the ticket.

 Battersea Park Children’s Zoo:  While there is an admission fee to the Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, it is much cheaper than the entrance fee as the London Zoo.  While it definitely is much smaller in size it makes up for with an interesting variety of animals on display. It is family-friendly zoo and a great spot to take the kids to be entertained.

London City Farms:  One of the best places where visitors can get close and personal with a variety of animals is at the London City Farms. There is no admission charge but you will need to confirm the days and timings that the farm opens (as it varies).

Battersea Park Adventure Playground:  It is especially enjoyable for the kids who will thoroughly love all the different types of climbing equipment that are to be found at the Battersea Park Playground. With climbing walls, tire swings, giant slides and zip lines there is plenty of adventure awaiting the kids at the park’s playground!

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