Best Places to See a London Sunset

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Some moments in life are priceless. Whether its taking a leisurely stroll with your significant other, making exciting plans with friends or family, or simply bringing a smile to someone’s face, there are some things that money just cannot buy.

If you are a die-hard romantic who lives for these pleasurable moments, then London is a beautiful place to visit to make these moments happen.

London sunsets are truly unique and you can never have the same experience twice. London has some of the best places of interest in the world from which you can combine sightseeing with witnessing the sunset. You will never forget the experience of seeing the mesmerising sunset from the Shard or witnessing the sun set at Primrose Hill.

Here are 5 of the top places to view a London sunset at the end of the day next time you are visiting the English capital. Stay at the Paddington Court Executive Rooms to be close to the action.

  • Primrose Hill at Regents Park

This area of London happens to be home to some of the most exclusive residences in the UK capital and after a visit here it is easy to see why. At the top of Primrose Hill, you can view the whole of Central London and with the nothing but the sky above you and the city below you, it can feel as if you have reached the top of the world.

Facing North, you will receive an unrivalled view of Belsize Park and Hampstead, or you can explore the seven English heritage blue plaques that commemorate famous residents.

The sunset here is best enjoyed with loved ones as it is a magical experience. Usually there is a riot of dusky red near the horizon with fingers of pink and orange spread against a lavender sky that drapes across the rolling hills of Primrose Hill.

  • The Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is one of the few exclusively pedestrianised bridges in London and was opened in 2000. Following the opening, just 2 days after, participants of a charity walk noticed a swaying motion of the bridge resulting in it being nicknamed the ‘Wobbly Bridge’. The wobble was eliminated in 2002 after some construction work was carried out. The Millennium Bridge is now the best and easiest way to get between the Globe Theatre and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The view of the sunset from the Millennium Bridge is breath-taking. The absence of noise from passing traffic makes for a peaceful experience as the sun sinks over the River Thames and the skyscraper lights slowly flicker to life. Take advantage of Central London hotels special deals to be able to stay in London late into the evening so you do not miss out on this opportunity.

  • The London Eye

The London Eye is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel and is the second-highest viewing point in London standing at approximately 135 meters tall. It is the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom and sees over 3.5 million visitors a year. Each capsule can hold up to 25 people. The London Eye never stops moving at it only rotates at a speed of 10 inches per second, which is slow enough for people to walk on and off at ground level.

The ride lasts for 30 minutes and provides a fantastic opportunity to view a London sunset while being suspended in mid-air. The sunset is even more spectacular from the London eye if you can time being at the top of the wheel as the sun dips below the horizon.

  • The Shard

The Shard stands at 306 meters tall and is the tallest view point in London. The Shard’s observation deck, ‘The View from the Shard’, was opened to the public in February 2013.  The Shard is considered the premier landmark of London as it is instantly recognisable in the city’s skyline.

The View from the Shard on its own is worth a visit to the iconic building, but combined with the chance to see London baked in the warm orange of a sunset is an opportunity not to be missed.

Viewing sunset from the tallest building in the city is a romantic experience. On a clear night following the sunset, the moon and the stars look close enough to touch, perfect when shared with a bottle of bubbly for two in a moment of luxury.

  • Richmond Park

Richmond Park is the largest of London’s Royal Parks and is in South-West London. Visitors are allowed in the park, but due to it being originally created as a deer park, the nature reserve has strict guidelines on the presence of dogs and cars. Richmond Park is a great place to enjoy a hike, a walk, or a relaxing picnic.

Watching the sunset from Richmond Park on a picnic blanket with a glass of wine is magical. Spending the evening relaxing with forest animals nearby and in surroundings that has been protected for centuries is an experience to remember.

A sunrise is just as wonderful as a sunset in Richmond Park as you get to see meadows of wildflowers opening against a dewy dawn.

  • Other Places in London to View a great Sunset are:

Sky Garden – 155 metres up, the spectacular Sky Garden offers views across the capital and far beyond.

Canary Wharf – The soaring skyscrapers here provide a dramatic backdrop for the glowing sky. Watch and admire from the banks of the river or head for Mudchute Farm where you will get the full effect.

Galvin at Windows – enjoy 360° views of the city from this Michelin starred restaurant on the 28th floor of a building on Park Lane. Here you will enjoy exquisite cuisine in an intimate setting. For private dining, enjoy the balcony with its superb views.

Putney Bridge, West London – Putney is a world away from the hustle and bustle of central London. Sit here and take in the ever-changing reflections with a cocktail in hand. Bliss.

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