Best Travel Apps to Use in the UK

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The UK is one of the most beautiful places to travel and see. Thousands of people go to explore its countryside and numerous historical landmarks. If you are planning a trip here, you should be advised that you could make your trip more significant with the use of travel apps. These apps range from notifying you of your nearby surroundings to helping you stay within your daily budget.


Which apps should you check out? Here is the top 3:




When traveling throughout the UK, you may find yourself looking for a nearby petrol station, restaurant, bar, bank, hotel, taxi, etc. This information isn’t something that is typically available to find offhand—unless you speak with a local you happen to come across. Well, the AroundMe app does exactly as it sounds, it informs you of everything in your nearby surroundings. The app displays each location and you can see where it is located on a map. Need help getting there? AroundMe will help you get to your destination using the best route. This one app will help you seamlessly navigate your way throughout the city—a must have for any trip. 



The National Trust


There are over 550 places that are protected by the National Trust throughout the UK. To take advantage of all of these sights, including historical buildings, houses and locations with an archaeological nature, there is a National Trust app available. It’s your guide to seeing the greatest, most significant parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The app has a “What’s On” feature that notifies you of the different events being held throughout the year in the destinations you’ve selected. These range from musical events, festivals and more. After you’ve visited a place, you have the ability to record and save your favourite places in addition to making a wish list of the future places you’d like to see. There is a social media aspect to the National Trust app, where you can invite your friends and talk about all the places you’d like to visit. Clearly, there is always something new to explore, so this app will come in handy when planning your next holiday or reflecting on the trips you’ve already made. 


Trail Wallet

Anytime you travel, it’s always nearly impossible to stick with a budget—let alone track how much you are spending on a daily basis. And if you don’t have unlimited funds, you may find yourself burning through your money too quickly. Trail Wallet is an app that helps you track your spending and projected expenses (even organises your expenses by category). Simply set a daily budget and it’ll help track everything for you. It’s a great tool to use in addition to your personal bank account app, which too, helps you track your daily spending.


Your trip throughout the UK will go so much smoother with one of these essential travel apps. But before you go anywhere, make sure your home is prepared for your absence. A home monitoring system will keep your home protected, regardless of where you are.

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