Business Abroad: Finding the Right Hotel to Make Your Business Travelling a Breeze

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Spending time away on business can get tiresome and even a bit frustrating when you can’t get access to what you need or want where you are staying, which is why you need to pick your hotel with care.

Here are some pointers on ways to find the right hotel so that you can get your business deals done as easily as possible and still have time to enjoy some much-needed downtime.


Great communication


It is not really that hard for a hotel to be able to communicate and liaise with guests before and during their stay and if you are a business traveler it is a service that you want to look out for as it helps smooth your travel plans.


Being able to amend instructions or ask for things to be in place for when you arrive, such as making sure some important emails or documents that have been sent to you via the hotel are in your room when you arrive.


If you need collecting from the airport, being able to ask the hotel to arrange this and know that the car will be waiting for you when you come through arrivals is a big plus point.


Recreational facilities


Another big selling point if you are a business traveler is being able to access the sort of leisure and recreational facilities that you want when you are not working and have some time to yourself.


A place like the Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, Dubai is just one example of the sort of facilities you might want from your chosen hotel.


Being able to hit the gym, go for a relaxing swim, enjoy some spa treatments, or just enjoy some great views and comfortable facilities are all part of the deal and knowing that you have these on offer when you want to use them can make a big difference to your trip.


Wi-Fi access


Good Wi-Fi access is a fundamental requirement these days, especially if you are a business traveler.


You want to be able to get online and work with ease without worrying about a slow or unreliable connection, which is why so many business people rank fast and easy Wi-Fi access as a big priority.


It is not just the need to access your emails and connect to the cloud that matters, you probably also want to catch up with your family via a service like Skype at some point in the day, and you don’t want to be frustrated with a poor connection that doesn’t let you have that all-important catch up on the day’s events.


Free bottled water


It might seem a trivial point but when you are traveling abroad you want access to clean water and the best way to get it would be by having some complimentary bottled water in your room.


You need to stay constantly hydrated and no one really wants to fill up a glass from the tap, however good the hotel is. This simple act of generosity on behalf of the hotel often tips the balance in their favor when it comes to reviews.


Look for hotels that get good reviews for looking after its guests and there is a fair chance that part of the deal will be some free bottled water to enjoy.


Finding the right hotel for your business trip can make all the difference to your enjoyment and comfort and anything that makes your busy life a bit easier has to be a good thing.

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