A Car Accident In Las Vegas? You Need Us

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What is the last thing that you will expect in Las Vegas?

Meeting a celebrity or going to the hottest pool party or winning a huge fortune?

Did you ever think about a pedestrian accident?


Yes. While nobody thinks about a pedestrian accident in the beautiful fantasyland of Las Vegas, such accidents happen very regularly. Your body is not designed to handle an impact from a car. Pedestrian accidents may be fatal. However, on most occasions, they end up giving serious injuries to the person involved, while the car and driver get away safely.


Pedestrian accidents are different from a road crash. In the case of the latter, both cars get damaged. However, in pedestrian accidents, the human body takes a heavy beating because of which damages could be very high.


Are pedestrian accidents common in Vegas?


Unfortunately, yes. The streets are always full of vehicles and pedestrians. However, it could be more difficult for a pedestrian to handle the overwhelming noise and sights of the city. In such a case, an accident is on the cards and escaping unharmed is not that easy. If you are involved in any such accident, visit this website created by Ladah Law firm. Jaywalking can invite hefty fines in some parts of Vegas which can range from $198 to $275. However, that doesn’t reduce the number of accidents in the city.


Between 2006 and 2013, pedestrian accidents in Vegas have increased by 11.86 percent. In fact, at least 100 pedestrians, which is 20% of all road accidents, got killed in Vegas in 2013 alone. That is a frightening figure for anyone who wants to visit the city and enjoy the multitude of entertainment options that it has to offer.


What to do in case of an accident?


If you are involved in a pedestrian accident in Vegas, make sure that you get proper medical aid in time. After this, immediately call an accident injury attorney who will take care of the legal matters for you. These attorneys are specialists in the state and city’s laws related to traffic and have handled many cases of pedestrian accidents before. They understand your needs and the kind of damage you have suffered, resulting from the accident.


They quickly assess your case and help you receive compensation for the damages that you have suffered. Nevada negligence laws are very strict and you can receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered, even if the fault is party yours. A good attorney can help you navigate this process and ensure that your case is strong enough to provide you compensation quickly.


Preventing accidents is not always possible as it could occur from another person’s mistake as well. Some streets in Vegas always account for more accidents than others. These include Frank Sinatra Drive, Fremont Street, 4th Street, and Paradise Road among others. As a pedestrian, you will have to be extra careful while walking on these roads.


We hope that you have a happy experience in Vegas. If not, don’t forget to call a good attorney.

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