Coral, Currents and Clownfish: Diving in the Komodo Islands

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The Komodo Islands are an absolutely beautiful place for diving. You can see a vast array of marine animals, fish and coral. It’s great for underwater photography and mid-range to experienced divers, but if, you’re less experienced, you can still find some incredible spots.

Underwater on the Komodo Islands, you can see mantas, dolphins, sunfish, pygmy seahorses and blue-ringed octopus, as well as various sponges, sea squirts and corals.


When to Dive


Any time of the year can be a wonderful time to dive in the islands. The best times, though, are April to October in the majority of locations with April generally regarded as the ideal month. On the Southern side of Komodo National Park, December to March is the best time to go.


The ideal time for you might depend on what you want in your diving experience. If your goal is to see manta rays, your best bet is to go during the rainy season, which lasts from December to February. From November to January, underwater visibility is at its clearest. The weather is best during the dry season, which runs from April to November.


Where to Dive


If you book a diving tour, your guides will take you to all the best diving spots for your desires and abilities. Some of the most popular spots are Batu Bolong, Manta Alley and Cannibal Rock.


Batu Bolong is located on the northern side of Komodo between Tatawa and Komodo’s main island. It’s known for its vibrant fish life and the peak that’s situated in almost 250 feet of pristine water.


Manta Alley is the best place to find manta rays in the Komodos. This incredible rocky island is located in the bay on the south side of Komodo Island.


Cannibal Rock, located in the channel and east of Komodo and below Rinca Island. With a rocky pinnacle and gorgeous sea life, this is a truly fantastic site.


How to Get There


There are lots of dive companies in the Komodo Islands that will take you out and show you all the best dive sites.


Some businesses will take you out for a day trip, but if you want to stay out for longer, you can spend a few days on a Komodo liveaboard boat. A liveaboard experience will provide you with the most complete and intensive dive experience you can get. And if you’re a diving enthusiast, it’ll be well worth it to do it here.


Diving Safety


Sticking with an experienced guide will help ensure your safety when diving in Komodo.


Some areas around the islands have strong currents, especially during tidal changes due to the numerous islands and somewhat shallow waters. If you’re less experienced, the right move is to dive some of the quieter offshore sites. If you’ve done a lot of diving in your day, the Komodo Islands are the perfect place to dive deep. A guide can show you the right location for you.

If you’re looking for a premier diving experience, the Komodo Islands are the place to go. With its beautiful marine life, clear water, experienced guides and varied dive spots, it’s truly a diver’s paradise. Just be sure to stick to sites that fit your experience level, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.



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