Why Digital Nomads Should Consider Sicily as a Base

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Ask the digital nomads (people who work and earn money remotely from exotic locations which take more of the form of holiday destinations) and they’ll gladly give you a list of some of their favourite places to retreat to and work from. Very few if any of these favourite retreats are in Europe or even here in the UK, but the likes of Italy and in particular an island such as Sicily should really come in for more consideration.

It doesn’t have to be expensive

Digital nomads simply need to collaborate with each other beyond the level of just offering support to each other and sharing ideas and stories about each of their individual challenges and joys of being a digital nomad. Think about it — isn’t it cheaper if five or six of you chip in with your money and rent a whole property, as there are some great Sicily villas with pool

A group of six digital nomads for instance could quite easily cover the costs of renting out an entire property even in those places which are considered to be some of the most expensive in the world and they could cover those costs for a whole month on the fees they often rather pay individually when looking for accommodation. That same group of six digital nomads can go on to easily fill up the fridge with enough food to feed an army for the duration of that month as well and share the costs of transport in the same way by perhaps hiring a vehicle which they can take turns using, or one which is big enough to fit all of them in at once.

Lots of history

When most digital nomads quite understandably otherwise consider the likes of Southeast Asia for their base, what they miss out on is the opportunity to explore so much more history which resides in Europe. You may be lodging in one of the Scent of Sicily Villas available, but access to the mainland remains a breeze so you can go an explore some more of the history the mainland has to offer, if of course all the history on the island itself is not enough for you. At the same time you get that good level of seclusion Digital Nomads lust after so that they can really knuckle down and get some work done.

Lots to see and do

The active stratovolcano mountain of Etna is more than just an attraction to enjoy the views, but also offers hiking and skiing. Etnaland’s amusements & water park make for a good day out as well, while the many other attractions include the likes of the Kalsa markets, the Riserva natural orientate Cavagrande del Cassibile, the Ear of Dionysius (ancient cave), the Teatro Massimo, the Isola Bella beach and nature reserves (with some snorkelling offered) and the Alcantara Canyond and river (for rafting hiking and canoeing) to name but just a few.

Being in Europe, the lifeblood of Digital Nomads would also be suitably catered for (reliable Wi-Fi), so that’s just one more reason for Digital Nomads to make Sicily their base, at least once in their nomadic lives.

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