An Easy Guide for Travelers to Brixton, London

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London is truly a cosmopolitan city, with people from all corners of the earth having shifted to and settled in London. As a result there are people of a diverse variety of ethnic backgrounds that call London home. Some of the prominent ethnic communities in London’s many boroughs include Afro-Caribbean, Pakistani, Chinese, Bangladeshi and Indian among numerous other communities staying in the city.

This has resulted in a wonderful blend of arts and culture, which is evident in the eclectic arts, music and food scene in London.   All of these factors make the city a much sought after tourist hub in Great Britain. If you do plan a trip to London then do it in the tourist off-season when the place is less crowded and you can bag any of the London hotels special offers. It will lead to considerable savings on money spent for accommodation.

A reasonably priced luxury hotel to stay in Central London is The Montcalm Royal London House Hotel at Finsbury Square. It is just 35 minutes from the hip and happening Brixton district of London. Brixton has undergone a transformation of sorts having shed its former unsavoury tag of an area known for gangs and violence.  Now the area is one of the most happening spots in town and popular with visitors as well as locals for its attractions and vibrant night life.

Some of the top attractions to be found in Brixton include the following:

Go on a murals tour: The London Mural Preservation Society set up by Ruth Miller has done wonders for the murals to be found in the city. These artistic creations are now preserved and can be found in a variety of places at railway stations, buildings etc. The borough of Lambeth of which Brixton District is the civic centre has a large number of beautifully created murals. These include the famous Stockwell Memorial and Nuclear Dawn murals. There even are Mural walks organised on the trail or you could choose to take a solo tour.

Danielle Arnaud Gallery: One of the best art galleries in the area is the Danielle Arnaud gallery. It plays host to numerous exhibitions in this trendy Kennington townhouse. It is part of minimalist themed art galleries and is beautifully furnished with large rooms that house some excellent art creations. The gallery is also on the South London Art Tour that is conducted by local artists of the area.

Streatham High Road: It was once considered to be out of the least attractive roads in London. Since then it has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts and now is home to delightful gatsropubs, restaurants, delis and cafes etc. Some of the top places to dine at include Perfect Blend, Thomson’s Deli, The Hamlet and Kredens Polish Deli is among the best in the area. If you are looking for second hand stuff drop in at Trinity Hospice Charity Shop also in the area.

The Old Post Office Bakery: It is one of the stalwarts of the area with its organic bread a hit with locals all across the area. If you have a love for dark breads like spelt and rye this is the place to visit. They also have a mean selection of pastries, croissants and ciabattas. Another popular bakery in the area is the Di Lieto bakery located in Stockwell that have earned a fine reputation with their delectable olive bread among other savouries.

Garden Museum: Located on Lambeth Palace Rd the museum was established in 1978, in a building that was earlier St Mary’s Church. It also is the location where the nation’s first famous gardener, John Trandescent is interred. He served as the head gardener of Charles I. It is from his magnificent garden that a large number of plants were introduced, which now can be seen in many an English Garden. The museum is great place to learn about the history of gardening. There is a fine collection of garden related items and the museum also hosts exhibitions periodically.

Brockwell Park: One of the best parks in the area Brockwell Park has a manor house that is famous for its breathtaking views across the city, stretching the Thames in the north to Crystal Palace located in the south. It is also the venue where some of the biggest and best local festivals are held. These include Sunfall Festival among a variety of great festivals. Then there is Brockwell Lido that is considered to be among the best art deco lidos in the city.

Rebato’s, Vauxhall: If you want to taste the finest Tapas in the area, Rebato’s is the place to dine on the best of Spanish cuisine. Despite its location in an area where Portugese culinary joints hold sway, Rebato’s holds its own against the competition. It is located on South Lambeth Road and is the perfect place to drop in for drinks and tapas, followed by a fabulous dinner that features delectable roast suckling pig and lip-smacking paella, among a host of other fine Spanish dishes.

Brixton Market: As lively as a market can possibly be Brixton Market is a vibrant and charming place to visit. Its famous Granville Arcade is known for its fine eating places, which are buzz with some of the best restaurants in the area. There also is the fabulous outdoors market on Electric Avenue that attracts visitors in droves. Some of the top places to shop for food related goodies are Nour Cash & Carry and Wing Tai in the area. A great place to explore on a sunny afternoon!

Holy Trinity Church: Located in Clapham Common, Holy Trinity church is an impressive building of historical significance. It was where a group of Christian Social Reformers worshipped (the Clapham Sect). They rallied ceaselessly to have slavery abolished during the latter part of the 18th century. It includes William Wilberforce a leading proponent of the abolishment of slavery, who moved to the area along with other prominent Christian abolitionists. They even attempted (unsuccessfully) to set up a school for slave children in the area.  However, it was many years later that slavery became outlawed with the passing of the Slave Trade Act in 1807, and Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.

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