Explore 6 International Look Alike Destinations in India

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The world, though geographically separate, has several things in common. Continents may have been split by geological happenings, some may have been halved, some may have vanished, and new ones formed, but the Earth still remains.

And it is no wonder why several places look so much alike. So if you would like to explore your own country instead of burning a hole in your wallet and going abroad, here are 6 places that look so much like international destinations.


  1. Pondicherry – France 


Pondicherry- Image by Sandip Bhattacharya via Flickr

France- Image by Céline  via Flickr


There is a French colony in Pondicherry that looks so much like France, and you get typical French food there too. After visiting the streets of Tamil Nadu with the rush hour and traffic, your senses would get the much needed rest when you are in this quaint waterfront location.


It is as if there is an entire new village in the Bay of Bengal, and you can bicycle along the paths or stroll along the tree-lined boulevards. The buildings have been styled beautifully, and reflect the glory of the typical Portuguese, Dutch and French style architecture.



  1. Coorg- Scotland


Coorg – Image by stonethestone via Flickr

Scotland- Image by Antonio Cinotti via Flickr


Plan your next holiday to Coorg in Karnataka, also known as Scotland of India. The term was actually coined by the British Planter community of India; they were mesmerized by the uncanny resemblance of Scotland and Coorg.


The misty mountains in Scotland and Coorg look so much alike, with their coolness and mystical appearance, while the highlands and vast meadowlands are almost identical in shape and looks. The local brews in the two places are also special.


Even culture-wise, the two places are so much similar. The societies had clans that warred constantly with each other, both in Scotland and in Coorg, and each had their own special daggers that they cared so much about. In fact, arms where an integral part of their traditional costume of both cultures.


Some of the very famous places to visit in Coorg are Madikeri Fort, Raja’s Tombs, Namdrolig Monastery in Bylakuppe, a Tibetan settlement and Tadiandamol, Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri Peaks.


  1. Mumbai – Miami, 30 years ago

Mumbai – Image by sajpics via Flickr

Miami- Image by Nisah Cheatham via Flickr


Interestingly, Mumbai is believed to be the Miami of 30 years ago. The fast-paced lifestyle, the twinkling lights, the shady underworld and the growing economy are the main factors contributing to this.


Mumbai also has a rich collection of Art Deco buildings, much like Miami. Both have no mountains, but have good beach towns nearby. While visiting Mumbai, you can enjoy a city that never sleeps, and several exhilarating places to visit.


  1. Kashmir – Switzerland


Kashmir- Image by Isriya Paireepairit  via Flickr

Switzerland – Image by Herbert Albuquerque via Flickr



With its snowy mountains and stunning locales, you have Switzerland in a brief package when you visit Kashmir. Its paradisiacal beauty has been attracting people not only in India, but from far off countries as well.


The place is of immense beauty and a frequent honeymoon location. The natural and picturesque landscapes must be captured in your hearts at least once in your lifetime. Don’t miss it.


You can indulge in a number of activities like skiing on the snowcapped mountain slopes, trekking on the hills, boating on the sparkling lakes, and watching the sunrise and sunset on the lush green flowerbeds.


When seen from afar, Switzerland is like an icing on a lovely cake, ready to be devoured, and here Kashmir awaits you, ready to be explored.


  1. Thar Desert – Sahara Desert in Africa


Thar Deser – Image by -RS- via Flickr

Sahara – Image by Ronald Woan via Flickr


India has its own share of scorpions, endless dunes, sand snakes and clear skies dotted with sparkling stars. And you can enjoy it all at the Thar Desert. Known as the Great Indian Desert, Thar covers more than 77000 square miles or 200,000 square kilometers, and is the world’s 9th largest subtropical desert.


The largely arid region in the northwestern boundary (ranging from 52 feet to 498 feet) of the Indian subcontinent forms a natural boundary for Pakistan and India.


The Thar Desert is spread across the states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat in India and two other states in Pakistan.


  1. Alappuzha – Watery Venice


Water Venice- Image by Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr

Aleppy – Image by  Aymar GRISON via Flickr



The green-fringed grace and greenery of Alappuzha makes it one of the most important tourist centers in Kerala and it is compared with Venice. Alappuzha is also known as the Venice of the East.


As you traverse along the waters, you can marvel at the true beauty of Alappuzha by enjoying the beauty of the well-built huts and cottages in the villages, paddy fields of succulent greenery, a plethora of toddy shops and curvaceous rice barges along the way.


Houseboat trips of tourism packages in Kettuvellams would take you along those palm fringed narrow roads. These trips would be one of the most enthralling and beautiful experiences of your lifetime, and worth embarking on, more than once in your lifetime.


Enjoy the fascinating beauty of Mother Nature and get some breathtaking shots on your camera.



Closing Thoughts


India’s box of wonders has more places that imitate international destinations. Kasol, for example is a typical Himachal Pradesh village, but looks so similar to little Italy, and interestingly, there is a massive Israeli population there.


And then you have Goa that looks like a typical hippie paradise. Don’t forget Andaman and Nicobar Islands, looking like Ko Phi Phi in Thailand. Chitrakoot Falls is so beautiful that actually looks so much like the Niagara Falls.


So if you don’t have the time or budget to go international, these are some places to try out.


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