Family Travel Planning: Pleasing Children of Different Ages, Stages and Interests

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Traveling as a family when you’ve got kids of widely varying ages can be a challenge, to say the least. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take everyone along on a super-fun holiday excursion, however. Plan ahead, and your tots, toddlers and teens will have a great time and so will you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when putting together your next family travel itinerary.

Planning is everything


Travel experts at Hilton Mom Voyage agree that when it comes to keeping every family member happy and content while traveling, no small amount of advance planning is required. Get the kids involved individually and as a group. Let older kids search the Internet for things to do and see at your destination, and flip through picture books with your littler children. The more everyone looks forward to an adventure, the likelier the whole family will enjoy their shared holiday.


Reserve as much hotel space as you can afford. If you can swing a suite of rooms, go for it. Although your kids love each other, having them all in the same room all night long can lead to sleepless parents. Minimize sibling bickering, get a great night’s sleep and wake refreshed and ready to dive into your family vacation day. Look for a hotel that offers a free early-morning breakfast.


Adventures for all ages


Most theme parks offer some rides such as fast roller coasters that are only for older, taller kids. They can enjoy those rides with one parent while the other takes toddlers on less frightening rides. Enlist the help of teens to help with younger siblings in exchange for some no-parent time later. Arrange a family meeting spot and a time to be there. Showing your older kids that you trust them on their own may help them have a better time in a kiddie-oriented amusement park environment.


If you’re planning a short road trip or traveling on summer break, bring along your kids best friends to keep them company. A luxury SUV such as the Dodge Durango can carry up to seven people, so go ahead and fill ‘er up with excited kids and hit the road for a family-plus-friends adventure you’ll always remember.


Diverse activities at the same resort


When deciding where to travel as a family, look for places that offer a range of activities that appeal to different age groups. For toddlers, a resort that offers story times and daycare is ideal, especially if there are things such as ski or swimming lessons, rock climbing, zip-lining and other activities designed for adolescent and adult family members. Winter resorts that are fun for teenagers who know how to ski can also be a delight for younger kids who enjoy ice skating, dog sledding and building snowmen, says Family Vacation Critic magazine.


Taking your kids on trips is a nice way to bond as a family unit while really getting to know one another. Do it right, and make happy, stress-free memories.

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