Frieze London 2018 – what else Art lovers can do when in town

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London is an iconic tourist destination, known for its diverse and multi-cultural exhibitions. Whilst a normal art lover’s trip to London may result in a visit to different art galleries (such as The Tate, Tate Modern and National Gallery), the city will also play host to the international contemporary art fair: Frieze London 2018. From upcoming artists to known favourites, the Frieze has something for everyone. This list will give you a quick peek of what the fair has to offer you and your artistic sweet tooth.


  1. The West and East End Night


Presenting over 160 exhibitions from the world’s leading galleries in London, it is not surprising that each gallery is allowing its visitors more time to see it. With the West and East End Nights, galleries around London will be open between 6pm- 8pm in order to incorporate special viewings and more audiences. This includes private viewings and even a Frieze Sculpture audio guide, adding a little bit more exploration to your artistic adventure.


  1. Additional Festival Fun: Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture


Outside of the Frieze London, which focuses upon the intrigue of Modern art, there are always additional styles to sate your artistic temperament. Once you have completed your tour of the Frieze, why not look into the Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture exhibition in Regent’s Park, where you will be introduced into the world of classics and statue creation. The masters of old art from the ancient world will be put on display for you, so why not expand your experience with a unique look into the classics in a unique contemporary setting.


  1. Interviews with the Artists


It is one thing to be an artist, but quite another to be a critic. Once you have had your fill of the canvases and their themes, why not speak to the artist behind the painting themselves? During the festival a number of participating artists will be presenting their ideas in a number of talks. This includes designer Ronan Bouroullec and Tania Bruguera in her discussion of how Art can effect politics. You will be sure to leave with a greater understanding of the artist, as well as the flame of inspiration for creating your own masterpiece.


  1. Academic Intrigue


If you intend to stay in your Dorsett Hotel for a longer stay, why not scrutinise the academic side of art by joining in the conferences that accompany the fair. Events such as the Art and Architecture Conference and the symposium for scent making invite speakers to talk about the innovation of smell, the past, present and future of the artist and the architect, and to what extent they collide. Hopefully you will feel some sort of inspiration from these talks. If not, then why not also look into the free social media course which will teach you how to grow your own artistic campaign. There is always something new to learn.

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