Hidden Gems for Budget Travelers in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is one of the most visited Northern Thailand cities, and the most popular destination for tourists and holiday makers looking for a relaxed environment to spend their vacation. This wonderful city is the capital city of Chiang Mai province and the home to a mixture of modern and ancient features as well as beautiful mountain sceneries, cool weather, and cultural diversity. This makes Chiang Mai the magical city of Thailand referred by visitors as the “Rose of the North”. The city attracts millions of travellers every year and the numbers are increasing every year as holiday lovers seek to explore the hidden gems of Chiang Mai. The cost of living in the city is relatively low, and the city offers the most affordable things to do and see with your tight budget. With economy Chiang Mai car rental services, you will be able to get around the city and enjoy every minute you spend in the North.

Chiang Mai, Thailand at Wat Chiang Man.


Why Visit Chiang Mai

You could be asking yourself what is so special about Chiang Mai and why you should choose the city over other places. Chiang Mai is the second largest city in North Thailand located 700 km from Bangkok. The city is an ideal destination for both foreigners and local tourists and suitable for groups of different age. From culture, to beautiful weather throughout the year, to affordable transport, to low-budget activities for travellers, there are more than enough reasons why you should consider the city for your next vacation.


Chiang Mai is unique in its own way. It offers a combination of modern and traditional fashion and style in its cultural festivals, artworks, structures, and shopping stores. It’s covered with amazing landscape featuring lavish plains along the Ping River, high mountains, flowing waterfalls, and dense natural forest. The popular city is characterized by three seasons: hot season, rainy season, and the cool season. But the weather is always conducive for a hassle-free holiday within the three season so that you can enjoy your vacation in the area at any given time of the year.


Getting around the city is easy and affordable. Once you land at the airport, you can hire a Chiang Mai car rental service which give you driver services, guided tours, and luxury vehicles around the city at pocket friendly rates. You can choose the most favourable transport package depending on your travel needs and other preferences.


Chiang Mai Hidden Gems

There are thousands of places you can visit in Chiang Mai, but we have compiled a short list of must-see places for you to check out:


  1. Baan Kang Wat Artist Village. This village hosts artist workshops where you can try your art skills and shop for fashionable handmade arts (drawings and souvenirs) for yourself or gift to your loved ones. The magnificent teak houses host shopping stores where you can do your shopping and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious local delicacies or a cup of high-quality coffee.
  2. Wat Umong. Explore the temple which is popular for its many tunnels, where people can pray in front of small Buddha statues. You can also enjoy a refreshing walk around the garden outside temple with a man-made pond.
  3. Huay Tung Tao Lake. The lake is surrounded by mountains and gives you a perfect environment away from the city. At the lake you can enjoy mouth-watering fish, take a ride with swan pedal boats, and enjoy other numerous treats.


Other gems include:


  • Siriwattana Market
  • Doi Suthep Viewpoint
  • Bua Tong Waterfall
  • Night markets


We hope this list has given you a bit of guidance before you head to this extraordinary location. Enjoy your visit to Chiang Mai!

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