How I Found Extra Money to Extend My Travels

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Usually I’m not into a lot of the material which comes out of the motivational speaking spheres, largely because of the fact that most motivational speakers tend to make their money through their talks and not through any business ventures they may be involved in. Of course I’m talking about those motivational speakers who address the personal and financial development market, but by no means am I painting them all with the same brush!

On a recent occasion a motivational speaker by the name of Les Brown said something which resonated quite deeply with me, delivering a very simple yet powerful message willing you to “start where you are with what you have!” Now I believe that any advice coming out of the personal and financial development spheres of motivational speaking should be effective no matter where or how you choose to implement it, so I decided not to let this little moment of sheer inspiration slip away and sought to solve an immediate problem I had with it.


Okay, so perhaps the term “problem” is being used rather loosely here, but whatever – the bigger the ocean, the bigger the tide (or in this instance it’s perhaps “the smaller the ocean, the smaller the tide”).


So my problem was that I was on yet another one of my around-the-world trips, but had half my mind on the dreaded fact that it would all be coming to an end a bit too quickly for my liking. Things were moving a bit too quickly for me – the days rolled by in a flash and each passing hour seemed more like a couple of minutes, such was the speed at which the time was evaporating!


So yeah, I decided to give the “start-where-you-are-with-what-you-have” mantra a go and the results were surprisingly positive to say the very least!


In my quest to extend my travels I knew I needed to look in places which stretch beyond my traditional income streams, perhaps retrospectively too.


As you may have realised by reading some posts here on my blog, I’m affiliated with a global online travel agency which specialises mainly in accommodation, so I remembered that actually, I’m part of their affiliate programme. I proceeded to check my earnings so far and lo-and-behold – I had about half of the money I needed to extend my holiday with just sitting there in commissions!


I promptly requested a payout of my commissions and was notified that it would take a week for the payout to be completed, so now I needed to find the other half of the money to prolong my getaway.


Since in this particular instance I was in Portland, USA, I decided to try and find ways to cut down on costs such as my travel insurance premiums, something which I managed to do by resolving to make use of the free consultation services of car accident attorneys, Johnston Law Firm should I need those specific services which are otherwise covered by the rather expensive legal coverage clause of my travel insurance package.


Just like that, I had all the extra money I needed to extend my holiday!

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