London the Best Tourist Attraction place in the world

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There are plenty of reasons why London became the number one tourist place in the world, when it comes to attractiveness. Thousands of people have countless dreams about a vacation to London. People from all around our beloved world, talks about a trip to this famous place. There are so many different reasons why, this place is so rich on tourism.

Why is London worth your time?

London is an expensive city to live in, but then again, they are so rich in culture, architecture, nature and even those yellow taxis You see in movies. London has many hotels, and all of them are so tourist friendly, so You won’t get misdirected information which can ruin your beloved holidays. Imagine how crowded the airport might be, with thousands of people and tons of luggage. Luckily London has to manage your luggage, so You don’t have to be nervous about your items.

London eye

London eye is one hell of a place to visit, you might have seen it in movies, but imagine how beautiful it might be when you stand right in front of it. A ride in this attraction might give you the chills of joy, specially at sunset, where London City shine brighter than the light itself. A family photo at this attraction might be worth to keep.

ST Paul’s cathedral

This building is one of the most spectacular buildings in London City. This is also one of the most famous places to visit while You are in London. It’s possible to climb this billing, if you are a sucker for the thrill. At the top of this building, can you take some outstanding photos of London, from the view of a free bird. Some people even say, that London looks like a mountain of light at the night from the top of ST Paul’s cathedral.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham is also one of the most attractive places to visit in London. It’s the official residence of the queen, and it’s possible to see how the queen lives. This is absolutely a rare sight of decorations, and furniture’s, which is a once in a life time opportunity.You will also be able to see some ancient costumes, habits and historical paintings.

It’s important to mention, that Buckingham Palace is only open for tourism from July to September. So, if You want to visit this place, then You have to be there in this period.

Big ben

Big ben is a nickname for the great bell of the clock, at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. This tower is well known all round the world andis the spitting image of London. Big ben is designed like a square so it has 4 sides with 4 clocks. It’s possible to see the top floor of Big Ben, where You can see the mechanicals part of the gigantic clock. Big ben has also 334 stone spiral steps, which is possible to take a walk on.  This architecture wonder is eye candy for both children and grownups.

Tower of London

Tower of London is a historic castle and fortressin London, both inhistory and at present time. This is one of the most attractive placesto visit as a tourist in London.The Tower of London has played a historical role in English history.

There are countless of other places to see in London, which is why London is a place for all kind of ages.

A few examples which might be worth to investigate

  • The river sides
  • The ancient Structure of Historic Buildings
  • The Night View of London City
  • The Sparkling Lighting.
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