What Luggage Carriers are there on the Market Nowadays?

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Today, there are various kinds of luggage carriers. Some luggage carriers are designed to be pulled, while various can be secured to the top of a car or are racks which can be attached to the rear of vehicles or on the boots of cars.

One kind of popular luggage carrier sits on two wheels and looks like a small trailer. These can vary in size with the smaller carriers only being able to handle a single piece of luggage, whereas the larger design models can be built to carry a lot more.


  • Two-wheeled luggage carriers have been specially designed to resist vibration and ideally absorb the weight of luggage when the car is being driven.


A Choice of Features


Luggage carriers meant for cars to haul have a range of different optional features. A number provide a strap or some other device which helps to secure the luggage on the carrier. Some other types of carriers have various kinds of grips on the handle, typically made from rubber or vinyl, to assist in making them more comfortable to utilise.


  • In addition, one more favoured feature is the easy to fold function, which helps to fit the carrier into smaller places when it is not being used.


On Top and Out of Sight


Popular also, are roof top luggage carriers which have been specially designed to be securely placed upon the top of a vehicle, and thus, allow passengers to make more use of the space inside the car for other items.


  • Manufacturers now make roof top carriers in a range of different sizes and styles. Some roof top luggage carriers are small and can only hold a small number of bags or suitcases, which are perfectly ideal and helpful for vehicles with small roof spaces.


Larger Vehicles


People who enjoy driving larger vehicles, like vans or sport utility vehicles, may just wish to also attach a roof top carrier to the top of their vehicle. As a safety measure, carriers for the tops of vehicles will normally have a weight safety limit.


Matters of Fitting, Materials and Other Features


Most car-roof luggage carriers have been designed to fit universally on vehicles which already have roof racks, (bars which are frequently fixed to the tops of cars) The carriers themselves usually have to be strapped to the car roof via a roof rack system, but occasionally they make use of other ways to fasten the carrier to the rack.


  • Designers and manufacturers make rack ready carriers from various different types of materials, including sturdy, heavy plastic.
  • In spite of the material being used, the aim is to make sure that the luggage remains inside the carrier and well protected from all weather conditions.


Car roof carriers can also come with different special features, such as size adjustment, be easily detachable and super light in weight, so that people can easily move the luggage carrier to and from the vehicles easily.

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