No Extra Baggage: Tips for Thrifty Travelers

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With international tourism hitting an all-time high with over 1 billion people traveling abroad in 2014 alone, seeing the world and exploring new cultures is becoming increasingly popular among people of almost all ages.


Whilst the cost of traveling fully depends on where you go and how long you go for, the average cost of a year on the road is thought to be between $20,000 and $30,000 – a sum most of us simply can’t afford without years of careful planning and saving which sometimes just isn’t realistic for many lifestyles.


But, contrary to popular opinion, traveling doesn’t have to cost a fortune and there are plenty of ways to be a thrifty traveler and save some serious money; you just need to know how! So, if you’re desperate to see the world or simply take a vacation without breaking the bank, here are some top tips to make your traveling experience cheaper but no less fun.


Stick to your budget


Whilst this may seem obvious, many travelers fail to stick to their initial budget and end up mindlessly spending. It’s this flippant attitude towards money that often causes trips to become ridiculously, not the actual cost of the trip itself!


So before you even venture off on your travels, it’s essential to get an idea of exactly how much money you’ll need not only for accommodation and flights/transfers but for spending as well. Take inspiration from travel blogs if you’re struggling and, once you have a budget in mind, ensure to rigidly stick to it throughout the entire duration of your trip to avoid hidden spending mounting up and costing you thousands.




Once you’ve established your budget, it will be almost impossible to stick to it if you don’t keep accurate track of your expenses. Whilst the old-fashioned pen and paper method can work for some, taking advantage of today’s smartphone apps is likely to suit most people.


Apps like Mint and Trail Wallet are almost guaranteed to keep your expenses more organized as you travel, giving you a constant figure of how much money you’re spending. But, no one said sticking to budgets was going to be easy the first time you travel so, if you find yourself in desperate need of a quick financial pick-me-up, choosing a personal loan could be a desirable option.


Only use cash


Especially when going out on day trips where the temptation to spend money is everywhere, budget how much you can afford to spend and simply take out the cash and don’t take your card with you. This way, you’re completely limited to how much cash you initially took out and, if you make the mistake of spending too much and running out, you’ll have to deal with the consequences and take it as an important learning experience!


Traveling is often hailed as one of the best, most fulfilling things you can do in life. But, with money so often standing in people’s way, it’s high-time we became more thrifty when on the road by using the above tips.

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