How To Prepare Your Home For An Extended Vacation

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No matter how long you are planning to be away from your home, the worry for your property’s safety is always in the back of your mind.  You should be able to vacation free from worry for your belongings back home.  

It is difficult to remember everything you need to do to prepare your home for an extended absence, so it may be wise to formulate a list.  Plan in advance before you go running off to your cozy seasonal home for a much-needed respite.  


Check out these few helpful suggestions on how to prepare your home for an extended vacation, and rest without concern or worry.


Program your programmable lights


Programmable lights are not as expensive as they once were, and they are an absolute for absences.  When you are going to leave your home vacant for some time, it is helpful to keep your lights on a timer.  


Set the timing to match your natural progression of living.  When the sun goes down, you would want the common area light to activate, and so on.  


Save your social media blast for when you return


Blasting your location on social media channels is not a very wise move when you do not plan on being home for quite some time.  Oftentimes, people have hundreds of connections on social media with people they barely know.   


You have no way of knowing whether you can trust these people with the knowledge that your home has been left vacant.  Save your social media uploads for when you return from your trip.  


Stop the mail from being delivered


When you are away, your mail is bound to build to a mound in the mailbox.  Seasoned professionals understand just what it means when a home’s mailbox fills up with important documents.  


It is simple to request that the post office hold your mail for a specific amount of time.  You can put in a mail hold online, or visit your local post office for a face to face interaction.  


Tell the right people about your absence


You will want to keep your absence on the down low when it comes to social media, but there are a few people who should know about your vacant home.  Trusted friends, family members, and neighbors should be notified, so they can keep a watchful eye on your property while you are away.  


Invest in a security system


The easiest solution to safety while you are away is to invest in a home security system.  The advances in the technology of home security are far beyond what they were ten years ago.  Take the time to at least inform yourself as to the security options offered in your area.  

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