How Your Sales Processes Could be Intensely Annoying

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Have you ever stopped to wonder whether your sales processes are annoying for your customers and potential customers? If you haven’t then now is the time to put some thought into this matter.

Annoying the very people that you want to do business with is just about the worst thing that you can do, so what could you be doing that you need to stop right now?

Well, if you are doing anything that is on the list below then it is time to stop doing it and look for a better approach that doesn’t run the risk of upsetting the people that you want to do business with.

Getting Their Details Wrong

Do you think that someone will want to do business with you if you don’t even get their name or address right? If you put a lot of effort into reaching out to potential customers then it is a real shame to lose them just because you get something like this wrong.

With a bit of extra time you can find a way of getting all of the details just right. This will ensure that you make a strong first impression and stand a good chance of taking the relationship further.

To get this right you will want to use a postcode lookup tool if you are going to be sending out a letter. You will also want to double and triple check all of the details before you send anything out.

If you are going to be cold calling then make sure that you check the full name before calling. If it sounds awkward to pronounce then work out how to say it before you make the call, to avoid making a mistake or stumbling over the word.

Being Too Insistent

Putting a lot of effort into getting more sales is a good thing but some companies are just too insistent when it comes to contacting people. If you make the same offer over and over again then there is a good chance that you will probably just end up annoying people.

On the other hand, you won’t want to just give up at the first sign of resistance. It could be that the person is happy for you to try and convince them after all, providing that you find a good way of overcoming their objections.

There is a fine line between pushing for a sale in a professional, responsible way and insisting too much. If you keep on phoning or sending out offers then you are almost certainly going to put them off the idea of ever working with you.

Treating Existing Customers as New Customers 

Another big mistake that some businesses make is to offer products to an existing client thinking that it is a potential new client. This can often be due to a mix-up in the database, with former leads left there even when they are now customers.

The situation can be made even worse if you then offer them a better deal than the one that that they currently get from you. All in all, this is pretty much a sure-fire way of upsetting your existing clients by showing them that you don’t really pay that much attention to them.

The simplest approach to solving this issue can be to carry out data cleansing on your database. This will help to make sure that you only have one record for each company or person that is on your system.

Making the Wrong Sort of Offer

Could it be that you have been making the wrong sort of offer to the people that you contact? This is a common mistake when a company has a range of products or deals with a variety of different customers.

Therefore, it is important to think about your target market and what you want. Are you making an offer to someone who wants to save a little bit of money or someone who is happy to pay in order to add some luxury or convenience to their life?

By thinking about each lead’s needs and wishes you should be able to work out a sales strategy for each of them. If you use a catch-all approach for every single case then it is far more likely that you take the wrong approach in a lot of situations.

If you take all of these points into account then you should find that your leads and existing customers don’t find anything to take offence with in your sales process.

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