Some Holidays Need to be Special

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Everybody needs a holiday sometimes, either to go to visit somewhere special you have always wanted to go, or sometimes just to get away from it all, and take a well-deserved break. But there are holidays, and then there are special holidays, which will stand out in your memory for a very long time to come. Possibly the ones that generally tend to stick in the mind will be your first ever trip abroad, and let’s face it, who can ever forget their honeymoon? If you are thinking of doing something special this year, here are a few options that many consider unforgettable.

The Trans-Siberian Railway


Considered by many to be the most amazing trip of a lifetime, the Trans-Siberian railway has three options. The longest option travels from the Eastern peninsula of Russia through Siberia to Moscow, while the two other options involve travel from China to Russia directly, while the most popular option is the route from China, through Mongolia before continuing on its journey. Amazing sights and landscapes await on a journey that takes you back in time, and you have the wonder of watching your train at the Russian border being lifted into the air, while the wheels are changed for a different gauge of track. This is considered a magical journey


Round the World Cruise


Another amazing option in top class holidays gives you the chance to cruise in luxury, with a party every night, great foods, great entertainment and a chance to visit some of the most famous destinations on the planet. You can jump on board at any of the stops and jump off again wherever it please you, even stopping for extra days any place special, and then catching a flight to continue from the ships next port of call. This is not something you will forget in a hurry.


Going to The Antarctic


If you really want to get away from it all, consider a holiday to the Antarctic, known as the “Great White Continent”, where you can see stunning glaciers, awesome mountains and amazing wildlife. Shrouded by snow and ice, it is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on our planet, and one which will never be forgotten. Don’t expect to see any Polar bears though, they live in the north, though a trip there also has equally amazing sights.


The Pyramids


Counted among the largest structures ever built by man, the Great Pyramids of Giza are truly an awesome sight, and not something forgotten in a rush. The largest is the Pyramid of Khufu and is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still in existence. When you stand and view it, it is hard to comprehend how something so magnificent could possibly have been built without any modern day equipment and machinery.


The South Pacific Islands


This is one not to be missed, a chance to visit some of the smallest, and least visited nations on earth, and it truly is an adventure. A tropical holiday with tiny islands sporting volcanoes, dense jungle, surrounded by crystal clear waters. You can get a taste of the local cultures, a long way from the track normally beaten by your average tourist, knowing that this time, you really did get away from it all.


There are many uniquely special holidays and a little online browsing will certainly bring some travel enlightenment.

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