A special kind of holiday deserves a special approach

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There are probably few holidays which are as important as your honeymoon.

Yes, every holiday you go on should be wonderful in its own right, but come on, your honeymoon, your first holiday together as a married couple!


Because of this huge title and importance, you need to put some serious planning into your destination choice, as well as putting in place a few extras to make sure everything runs smoothly – you don’t want to be getting stressed out and arguing before you even leave the country!


A good way to cut down on pre-holiday tiredness, whilst also giving the whole travel procedure a more relaxing and glittering feel, is to start your holiday a night earlier. I always book an airport hotel with Airport Hotels.co.uk, so I am at the airport ahead of time, and I can chill out without worries. In the case of a honeymoon, this also means you can relax together and look forward to your special holiday, without panicking about delays and having to get up and travel to the airport.


I have stayed at several of the Manchester Airport hotels, and I can certainly vouch for them. Wherever you fly from however, you will find a range of hotels, so it’s a case of checking out what is available from your departure airport.


With the logistical side of it sorted out, you’re free to enjoy your honeymoon destination, but where will you go?


There are countless destinations which are geared up with newlyweds in mind, and many of them are far-flung and exotic. How about Bali? Sri Lanka? The Caribbean? How does the idea of the Seychelles grab you? Kenya perhaps? As you can see, the destinations on offer are certainly something special.


If you have a more limited budget available however, it’s important to realise that a honeymoon is basically what you make it; you could go anywhere in the world and have the best time, simply because you are together and the holiday is special because of that. One tip however – when you check in to your hotel, mention that it is your honeymoon; it might sound cheeky, but you never know what extras you might get, perhaps even an upgrade! If you don’t ask, you don’t get!


Where will you go on your honeymoon? With the huge choice of destinations on offer, you really are spoilt for choice.

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