Spooky Attractions To Visit In London At Night

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London, like any other ancient city, is steeped in history that dates back to Roman Times.  When a city is as old as London, there are bound to be both good and unpleasant incidents that would have happened over the centuries and become part of folklore and legend. If you are interested in the paranormal and the spooky, London is the city to spend an exciting albeit spine-chilling holiday. Be prepared for goose-bumps and an adrenaline surge, when you explore the darker and creepier spots in London.

However, if you do intend to visit London during the holidays, you need to book your rooms in advance. With millions of visitors arriving in London every year, finding suitable accommodation at the last minute can be difficult. A good option is the centrally located Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London that is located within central London. Its location is most convenient to visit the many attractions, shopping and entertainment areas to be found all around.

There also are a slew of fine restaurants near Paddington station, which offer a variety of dining options. The hotel’s location also offers easy access to the public transport network to travel to all parts of London. And if you want to see some of the top haunted spots in London the following places are a must to visit:

Tower of London:

The Tower of London is at the top of the list of haunted places in London! It has been a prison for a better part of its 900 years of existence (apart from having served various other purposes), and also a place where a number of hapless prisoners were executed. So it comes as no surprise that staff as well as visitors to the tower have experienced unusual happenings at the site. These include the appearance of apparitions and voices whispering across certain parts of the tower. The ghosts of Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey and Guy Fawkes are alleged to be spotted wandering the tower. And the spirit of Anne Boleyn, (unfortunate wife of Henry VIII) who was beheaded here, also allegedly frequently puts in an appearance. Visitors can take a tour of the room where she was held prior to her execution. But beware she may appear with her head tucked beneath her arms, as legend has it!

50 Berkeley Square:

It has earned the tag of one of the most haunted places in the city. Its attic in particular is the scariest spot to visit. It is rumoured to be the location where a young girl took her own life after being exploited by a relative. Later more deaths were to follow! One of its owners Mr Myers died out of shock after he was ditched at the altar by his fiancée. He locked himself in the attic where his body was discovered in his wedding suit! Later one of the new owner’s maids who was cleaning the attic became hysterical and died the following day in an asylum. And the same night the fiancé of a family member of the property slept in the attic. It is said within half an hour of him going to bed there are loud screams and a gunshot. When they managed to enter the rooms the young man was found dead with his face contorted in horror. The autopsy claimed he died of fright!

Spooky apparitions:

London lost a large part of its population during the medieval ages to the plague. This resulted in people being buried together in areas that we call plague pits. And London has more than its fair share of such pits! As a matter-of-fact the location where the London Tombs stand today was a mass grave of those who died from the plague. Employees have reported seeing a dark shadow in the area when the place is deserted. And there is a resident ghost Emily, who frequently puts in an appearance with even tourists having caught a glimpse of her in the background.

Jack’s the Ripper’s victims:

The identity of one of the most feared killers in London, Jack the Ripper still remains a mystery. At least five gruesome murders in the Whitechapel area are attributed to him. Modern day Whitechapel is reportedly abuzz with paranormal events where the murders took place. These include the headless spirit of Annie Chapman on Hanbury Street, the disfigured body of Catherine Eddow seen on Mitre Street, the weirdly glowing body of Mary Ann Nichols appears in the drains on Durward Street and Elizabeth Stride’s screams are heard at Berner Street!

Hampton Court:

Hampton Court is the former residence of King Henry VIII and is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It is also rumoured to be out of the most haunted! Some of the resident ghosts to be seen in the hallways include King Henry VIII, Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn (his wives that were executed on his orders). And the most prominent ghost of the Court is that of Sibell Penn also referred to as ‘The Lady in Grey’. She was a nurse of Prince Edward who died in 1562. It is alleged that her after her remains were disturbed in the early 19th century, employees and visitors began to hear unexplained sounds of a spinning wheel in the palace. Later during renovation a hidden room was discovered with a spinning wheel!

Farringdon Station:

London has had its fair share of unsavoury incidents, ranging from plague pits beneath Aldgate Station to WWII raid casualties at Bethnal Green, among others. And one of the more horrific of such events occurred at what is now Farringdon Tube Station. It is said that a young girl by the name of Anne Naylor was killed by her employer at a workhouse and her body was disposed of at the site where Farringdon Station now exists. It is said travellers can still hear her screams on the last night train as leaves the station!

These are just some of the terrifying places to visit in London, if you are up to the challenge!

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