Stagecoach Doing Its Bit to Make Public Transport More Accessible

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As someone who is currently living or aspires to live the life of a traveller that manages to earn good money to fund their travels, there are certain things in life which you realise you need to give up. Most people who aspire to live the life of a so-called digital nomad often come up with so many excuses as to what is preventing them from making it happen, the biggest of which excuse is that of not having enough time. You ask those same people what they watched on television last night and they’ll tell you about so many of their favourites shows, whereas that’s perhaps the one area of one’s life they need to give up and they’d realise how so much more time just magically appears in their lives.


As much as I preach about not watching television (or watching less of it), I still watch a bit of it because quite frankly there’s still quite a bit to learn through watching what’s left of the infotainment portion of what is being broadcast. In addition, we travellers love to watch travel-related shows, even though it’s quite a pity that American-style TV has channels such as the Travel Channel amongst others looking less and less like a channel about travelling.

Nevertheless, on one such occasion when I was getting my negligible periodic TV time, I came across an insert about a train station in London, I think, which is a white elephant. I can’t quite remember what it’s named, but apparently it became somewhat of a white elephant long before it officially stopped being “used.” It’s so disconnected from the main lines that it was apparently quicker to just walk to the next station than to wait for a train that comes once after a very long time.

That unused train station is but just one indication of just how much more efficient the public transport network could be if things were done just a little better.

There’s hope however because bus company Stagecoach Bus has launched its bus app, which brings to the market a lot of the previously missing efficiency. Hopefully other public transport operators will take a leaf out of the Stagecoach bus book and come on board with the introduction of some basic tech into their operations.

The app is very simple yet very powerful (the best apps always are), boasting features such as allowing for ticketless boarding. You can now buy your ticket and pay for it digitally without ever having to handle physical money or a ticket printed on paper.

It’s also great to be able to track busses live, which means you can plan every aspect of your travels much more efficiently, such as when to depart so that you don’t have to be stuck at the bus stop trying to pass time waiting for the next bus.

The Stagecoach bus app is available for free download via the App Store and Google play, all set to see a huge uptake since it simply does the job of what an app of its sort should do and does it well.

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