Sun Protection: Must Have Items when Travelling to Sunny Countries

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Travelling is an eye-opening and life changing experience. You are sure to see many incredible sights, meet new friends, create many happy memories and perhaps change your outlook on life. Many people head to hot and sunny areas of the world, which is perfectly understandable as many of the most beautiful countries are the warmest and soaking up sun can be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable.


Whilst heading to the hotter areas of the world is a fantastic idea, it is important to be aware of the health risks and take measures to minimise the chance of damaging your skin. If you are heading to warm and sunny countries, be sure to pack these items.


It may be obvious, but sunscreen is an absolute must if you are heading to warm and sunny countries. Regularly applying a high SPF sunscreen will prevent UV radiation from reaching your skin, which can increase your risk of skin cancer. There is excellent advice online which will help teach you how to best protect yourself when out in the sun. It is worth packing after-sun cream and painkillers should you get sunburnt, which can help to reduce the symptoms.

Light and loose fitting clothing

White or light colours can reflect the sun and will stop you from overheating. Additionally, long sleeved and loose fitting shirts are a great choice as these can cover your arms and also keep you cool. Showing skin can be fine in moderation, but stay out of direct sunlight if you begin to feel burnt.

UV protective sunglasses

You may be tempted to pack a pair of cheap sunglasses, but it is much wiser to invest in high-quality UV protective sunglasses. Our eyes are more sensitive to UV damage than our skin and prolonged exposure can cause all kinds of long term health issues. With UV protective sunglasses, you can protect your eyes and look good whilst doing it.


One excellent way to protect your head from the sun is with a hat (this is particularly true for those with thin hair). A hat with a peak can also keep the sun out your eyes, plus enable you to travel in style. Fashionable items such as snapbacks are perfect for travelling and will stop your head from burning, which can be extremely painful. These are available from all good extreme sports specialists, such as Skate Hut.

These are all items that must be taken with you if travelling somewhere warm and sunny. They will help to keep you cool and stop you from burning in the sun, which is not only painful but very dangerous. Fortunately, these essential items can ensure that you are travelling in style too.

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