Taking Time to Enjoy Your Everyday Environment More

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Life really can get a bit hectic at times, but often the way in which we carry out our daily routines makes our lives appear to be way more hectic than they really are. I mean granted, the system is designed in such a way that most of us have to immerse ourselves in the daily grind in order to make a living for ourselves, but some of our daily rituals really aren’t that necessary. Or at least it’s not necessary to go through the motions in carrying out these daily rituals in a certain way.


Take driving home to and from work every day. You’ve perhaps been using the same road every single workday for the past few years of your working life (perhaps because you don’t have many alternatives available, if any) and yet you get subjected to more of the same every day — lots and lots of traffic, especially during peak hours, which has you resigned to the fact that being stuck in traffic for a bit each day is just part of your life.

On top of that, it feels rather strange every now and then to wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to the realisation that you’ve hardly seen just how beautiful your neighbourhood looks under the light of the rising sun because you leave for work early everyday and come back once the sun has already set. Either that or you wake up too early in the morning to even notice all the beauty surrounding you, while you’re too tired to perhaps take notice of it again late in the afternoon when you get back from the daily grind.

If this sounds anything like your life, the one or two vacations you take every so often won’t help you climb out of what probably feels like a rut. You need to effect a more permanent solution which addresses as many of these areas in your life which are a cause for your growing frustration. You need to take the time to enjoy your environment more and that includes your own immediate environment.

If part of your daily commute falls somewhere along a path which leads to and beyond the Preston Train Station for instance, the newly opened Preston Bike Hub built by Leisure Lakes Bikes presents you with the perfect opportunity through which to better experience your everyday environment and enjoy it more. In fact, the family owned business cited a growing trend in the interest people show in cycling as a major reason behind their expansion in this way, with a bike hub right at the train station catering directly to the market.

Beth Noy – Marketing, E-Commerce & Social Media Manager of Leisure Lakes Bikes said: It’s been great to see cycling growing so much in our home town, Preston, and we are all so proud to be on board with such a great project; the Virgin Trains Bike Hub will improve cycling access to the city by giving commuters convenient and easy to storage for their bikes. We are confident that this new storage facility, combined with our bike servicing offers and bike hire will get more people riding their bikes to work and exploring the many cycling routes throughout the city.”

Cycling part of the route of your daily commute is perhaps the best way to better enjoy your everyday environment, but also has some inherent health benefits which you’re probably fully aware of. It certainly beats inhaling exhaust fumes every day while you’re stuck in peak-hour traffic.

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