The Cheapest Destinations in the World

The Cheapest Destinations in the World

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You don’t get to travel the world without becoming a little bit thrifty. I won’t pay over the odds for a hotel I know I could get a whole lot cheaper elsewhere, and I most definitely love a good haggle. If you’re a little like me and want to find the cheapest destinations to visit in the world, you’re in luck, because here are my top picks

Krakow, Poland

One of my favourite destinations for nightlife has to be Krakow in Poland. Why? Because has the most pubs per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world, that’s why. There are so many amazing pubs and bars to visit, and did we mention the alcohol is dirt cheap?

Kiev, Ukraine

Speaking of cheep booze, Kiev has been declared the cheapest city in the world to buy beer, according to a 2015 survey. You can pay a fraction of the cost for an ice cold pint, as the Ukraine has the fastest growing beer market in the world. I also strongly recommend a trip to the three-hundred-year-old Lvivske brewery and museum.

Transylvania, Romania

For unforgettable adventures that won’t cost you a dime, book a trip to Transylvania, Romania. The city has become a popular destination for travellers looking to enjoy various activities, such as rock-climbing, river rafting, wild camping, hiking and caving. You can guarantee your trip will be filled with plenty of things to do, and your bank balance won’t have to pay the price.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is just full to the brim with amazing cultural attractions that are rather cheap to enjoy. Whether you are looking for creative galleries, interesting museums, superb music or mesmerising theatre, this city is for you. Some of the best attractions in the city have to be the Reichstag and the Jewish Museum. There are plenty of things to do, food to try and sights to be seen in this cool and confident city.

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal has to be one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe, and is ideal for water sports lovers looking for cheap deals on activities such as surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing or just surfing. You’ll never want to leave the beautiful beaches, too, making your money stretch even further.

Mumbai, India

For a holiday unlike any other, visit Mumbai, India. Not only will you enjoy one of the most memorable travel experiences in your lifetime, but you also won’t spend a fortune during your trip. Food is cheap, alcohol is cheap and the sights and smells are simply wonderful.

Do you know a cheaper city to visit? Let us know here at View Scenes. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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