Tips For Having Fun On Vacation While Pregnant

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When many people think about vacation they imagine drinking, staying up late, and going wild.  However, when you are pregnant this isn’t quite an option.  With your body being extra fragile and needing to take rests every now and then, it is important to have a vacation that leans more towards relaxing rather than wild.

If you are going with a group of people that aren’t pregnant themselves it can feel a bit isolating being the only one that is missing out on all of the fun stuff. However, it doesn’t have to get you down.  You can have just as satisfying of a vacation as a pregnant person.  Here are some ideas.


Hit The Pool


While everyone else is upstairs in the hotel room icing their foreheads and chugging aspirin and water after consuming too much alcohol, you can head down the pool and enjoy some warm rays of sun and do some gentle laps in the pool.


Swimming can be one of the best low impact exercises for pregnant women since it doesn’t risk putting any extra strain on the baby.  


After doing some laps lay down on a beach chair and read a book or listen to some music.  You can even enjoy a nice virgin cocktail and feel the breeze on your face.


Enjoy The Food


You may not be able to drink during your pregnancy but you’re certainly allowed to eat!  Take advantage of being able to consume some extra calories and eat to your hearts delight.  Enjoy firsts, seconds, thirds, and desserts.


Depending on where you are you can enjoy some pretty amazing local cuisine for dinner. After enjoying your meal take a stroll around the town and enjoy the sights by night.  Then crawl into your bed and let the exhaustion of digestion take you into a deep relaxing sleep.


Get Some Spa Treatments


You deserve some extra pampering!! Sign up for a treatment at a spa either in the hotel you are staying or at a different place of your choice nearby.  You can even often find massages offered especially for pregnant women.


If your feet have been swollen or sore indulge in a foot massage and pedicure.  You deserve this!


Sleep In While You Can


After your pregnancy is over and your sweet baby is on the outside, you may never sleep again for years to come.  No, seriously, you will never sleep again.


Enjoy the luxury of being able to lay in bed all morning long.  Sleep in late, watch tv, eat breakfast in bed, take long showers, and take another nap.


Take advantage of this quiet time that you have to yourself before your baby arrives and you will be up late at night and up early in the morning.

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