Top things to do with kids in Sydney

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Travelling with kids always means trying to find something for them to entertain themselves with, which can be easier said than done. You need to keep them occupied but not tire them out so you can last the whole day – and travelling long distances is often problematic. Here are the top things to do with kids in Sydney that will fit the bill.

Adventure at Taronga Zoo

What kid doesn’t love going to the zoo? The Taronga Zoo is a great option with animals from all around the world gathered in one place. This includes plenty of local creatures, such as kangaroos and koalas, that you will be eager to see. It’s easy to spend a whole day wandering around here, with lots of activities to do. The animals all have different cycles, which means you can see them getting up to different things like sleeping, eating, and moving around at different times of day. The spectacular view is something for the parents to take in while the kids are enthralled by the Giraffes towering over them.

Fun on Bondi Beach

Any beach offers the chance for great entertainment, and for kids the possibilities are endless. Making sandcastles, jumping over the waves, splashing around, burying Dad in the sand, looking for sea creatures, and even going for their first swim in the ocean – it can all be done on one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches at Bondi. While it might be a little drive from the city, you can always speak to the management of your accommodation in Sydney to ask about organised coaches or day trips. It’s worth the trip even though it can get crowded. If you have older kids who are able to walk further, there’s a great coastal walk which can take you across the coastline.

SEALIFE Sydney Aquarium

Just like the zoo, the SEALIFE Sydney Aquarium is always a great favourite with kids. Get up close to creatures like rays in the touching pool, wander around through underwater tunnels and exhibitions, and admire exotic sea creatures from around the world. This is also a great opportunity to learn about local sea life, and how it may be under threat if the Great Barrier Reef is not protected. This is a good introduction if you are planning to sail over the reef or explore it in another way later in your stay.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Your kids might not have enough patience to listen to the free guided tours, but they have plenty of room to roam play amongst the green spaces of the Royal Botanic Gardens. There are lots of different areas here featuring different kinds of plant life, both from local areas and from around the world. Many of them have to be contained in special greenhouses or structures to keep them in the conditions they require. It’s a magical experience and totally free to enter, which makes it very much worthwhile. Fill up a picnic basket, bring a football and hang around until the kids tire themselves out.

Luna Park

This one might set you back a bit as it’s $10 per ride, though it is free to enter the magical Luna Park. The entrance – through a giant face – is an exciting novelty you can only truly absorb once. Inside it’s all about the vintage theme park atmosphere. There’s nothing quite like Luna Park, so it’s worth a visit even if it all ends in tears over wanting one last go on a ride. Sweet treats and carnival games also await, so it’s a fun day out for the whole family. Even if you just look around at the rides, it’s interesting to see. 

Wet’n’Wild Sydney

If you visit in summer, you might well be dreaming of the best place to cool off. Wet‘n’Wild is a water park full of slides, rides, lagoons, and pools for you and the kids to enjoy. This is the only activity not located in Sydney, a short drive or public transport trip west will get you here.

Many of the areas are rated by age, so you will know which parts are suitable for them and which are not. Even babies are welcome, so long as you keep a firm grip and a good eye on them – all kinds of floats are available for you to ensure that they stay upright in the water. You can also grab swimming costumes and goggles here if you forgot to bring them on your trip.


There’s definitely plenty to do for families in Sydney, and this is all without even getting onto museums or art galleries which older kids might enjoy. No matter what size your budget is, or how old your children are, you can all have a great time in this city.

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